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You can’t sue Britney B*tch!

Steaming pile of human poo, Sam Lutfi, had his defamation case against Britney Spears TOSSED OUT OF COURT yesterday. Lufti was claiming that Britney owed him money for being her “manager” during her whole WTF phase a few years ago. Her mom claimed that Lutfi was indeed DRUGGING the pop start to keep control of her.  (Do you remember what he said to Lynne Spears about “pissing” on Britney’s grave??“)

Lutfi, 38, a onetime confidante of the singer, sued Britney for unpaid fees, her dad Jamie Spears for allegedly punching him, and mom Lynne Spears for purportedly defaming him in her 2008 book.

“I really thought long and hard about this,” Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera said before dismissing the case. “It’s the right thing to do.”

Jamie’s attorney Leon Gladstone said following the hearing, “We’re delighted, we feel it’s the right result.”

Jamie Spears, who hugged his legal team, declined to comment.

Lutfi appeared emotionless, then said, “I’m going to appeal” after leaving the courtroom. [People]

Of course this flaming pile of turd-dom wasn’t just looking for money from Brit Brit and her family. It is being circulated that he just wanted to get his name back into the press, drag her name through the mud, embarrass Spears and her family, AND get money... allegedly.  

I commend the judge for doing to RIGHT thing and tossing out the case. That is RARE here in SoCal the land of frivolous law suits.

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Sam Lutfi Is Stalking Lindsay Lohan?

Ew, snake of a man (allegedly), Sam Lutfi is said to be stalking Lindsay Lohan while she’s in Betty Ford Rehab!   Yes, the SAME Sam Lutfi that somehow got his hooks into Britney Spears and kept her under his control by (allegedly) slipping her drugs in her food.

Lindsay had been receiving text messages from someone saying that he was watching her while she was in sober living, and the concern has been so great that Betty Ford is moving Lindsay to a more secure location.

TMZ says that they found out the person sending the creepy text and voice mail messages is none other than Osama Lutfi!!!

We’ve learned Lutfi has been in close contact recently with none other than Michael Lohan. In at least one text Lutfi sent to Lindsay, he falsely identifies himself as “Mike from TMZ” and warns her to distance herself from Dina Lohan. The phone number on the text goes right back to Lutfi.

TMZ spoke with Lutfi, who claims he didn’t send the messages. He claims the people who rep Lindsay also repped Britney and they’re out to get him. Lutfi claims Lindsay has called him in the past, though sources connected with Lindsay say she doesn’t know Lutfi at all.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay’s people have been in touch with Sam, warning him to stay away from her … or else.

WHAT A CREEP!!!! How in the world does this super creep keep getting people’s contact information?!?! And what in the world is Michael Lohan THINKING?!?! Shame on him!!! Does he not remember what happened to Britney and Lynn Spears? Thank G-d Britney’s dad was able to get and KEEP a restraining order against Lutfi. And now he’s looking for a new victim (allegedly).

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Sam Lutfi his still a pile of Poop

sam lutfi is a steaming pile of poop

Sam Lutfi is still a big fat pile of poopy. He is now suing Britney Spears and her family. Yup, after just being served with a new restraining order, he’s fighting back. (insert eyeroll here)

While Britney, Jamie and Lynne Spears are all named in the suit, Lutfi claims it was the Spears parents who “began a campaign of slander, libel and defamation aimed at discrediting, destroying and physically and emotionally intimidating Lutfi in order to drive him out of Britney’s life.”

As for the singer herself, Lutfi accuses her of breach of contract and claims she still owes him unpaid management fees for her time under his pill-mashing thumb.

That’s lovely. After (allegedly) drugging her, hiding her dog, taking the batteries out of her car, and hiding her phones, cutting the phone lines…and telling her mom that “she’ll be dead and I’ll piss on her grave” yeah he was a great manager.


Oh and this is AFTER he’s already sought a new judge in his original restraining order case after the ORIGINAL restraining order was extended.

Remember what was in the original restraining order? And what Lutfi is whining about? Click here.