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The Merry Men Serenade In Rome!

Russell Crowe and his Merry Men, Kevin Durand, Scott Grimes, Alan Doyle, from the international #1 movie Robin Hood, made an impromptu performance on the Spanish steps in Rome!

@RussellCrowe That was fun. Short and sweet, 3 songs. 10 minutes after we finished;monsoonal downpour. Love Rome. Thanks to City/ Carabinieri 4 letting us

How cool would that have been to have just been walking around and then see the stars of Robin Hood, and THEN have them start singing?

More pics of the Merry Men on the Spanish steps after the jump!
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Robin Hood charges into 1st Place Internationally

I am not surprised by this at all! After opening Cannes, Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe’s new film, Robin Hood is #1 internationally!! The movie, costarring the ever fabulous Cate Blanchett, grossed “$74 million from 6,944 screens in 56 markets.[via THR]

This is great news, because of the costs of filming.

With its costly production budget, reportedly well above $200 million, it’s vital that “Robin Hood” perform at least as strongly overseas as “Gladiator.” The 2000 Scott-Crowe-teamed Roman epic grossed $460.6 million worldwide, with $272.9 million coming from foreign playoff.

Universal said “Robin Hood’s” opening gross beat “Gladiator’s” comparable figure ($43.1 million) by a full 72%. [THR]

I have been sucked into the Robin Hood madness that is surrounding this film. I could not turn off the History Channel’s investigation of Robin Hood (featuring Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott). And can I tell you how many women are squealing over this movie? I mean, it’s basically Gladiator 2.0., and what woman can resist a man that will fight for what is true and right?

I CANNOT WAIT to see this Robin Hood. If I’m lucky I will be seeing it TONIGHT!

Image via Bauer Griffin

Russell Crowe Plays In Cannes

Star of the new movie “Robin Hood”, Russell Crowe, took some time out from promoting the film. Instead of posing on the red carpet, he played in the pool outside the hotel du Cap in Cannes, France on May 13, 2010 with sons Charles Spencer Crowe and Tennyson Spencer Crowe.

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