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Caroline Manzo Leaving Trainwreck Known As RHONJ

Caroline Manzo with a horse on the real housewives of new jersey

One of the few voices of reason on the Real Housewives of New Jersey is hittin’ the road. Caroline Mazo is dropping the drama and getting her own show on Bravo.

According to People -

It’s been wonderful guys,” the mother of three, 52, who was often the voice of reason on the show, posted on her Twitter exactly one minute after the show’s reunion finale aired Sunday on Bravo.

“I’ve decided to leave #RHONJ this season was my last. Love and kisses to you all. Xoxoxo”

I really used to like these shows, but to be honest the only thing that happens now is fighting. Especially on New Jersey! It’s just Teresa versus everyone else. I can’t even cope after I watch it, I need a Xanax, or chamomile tea.

“I’ve always prided myself on giving you the truth of who I really am, the good, the bad, and the ugly,” Manzo wrote on Bravo’s blog. “Over the past few years my outlook on the show has changed from something I couldn’t wait to show my future grandchildren to something I hope my future grandchildren never see.”

Manzo, who also seemed to grow weary of the ongoing family feud between Giudice and her brother, Joe Gorga, summed up her thoughts on leaving on the blog: “Going back to film another season of Housewives would only make me a hypocrite. For me, peace and integrity cannot be bought with money or fame. As I said on the reunion, I’m done … I have nothing more to give.”

Ahh, but she does have more to give. Just not to the women of the Real Housewives. Manzo and her kids are getting a spinoff!

“I may be leaving Housewives, but my relationship with Bravo will continue as we started production on a pilot, Manzo’d with Children, which if [it] goes to series promises to give the viewers a very different look into the world of the Manzo Family,” she wrote.

“We are having an absolute blast filming it, and I hope you all join us as we start our new chapter within the Bravo network. We didn’t close the book, we just turned the page.”

The new show will focus on Manzo, her hardworking husband, Al, and her three children, Albie, Lauren and Chris, who have long been featured on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I’d actually watch this. This seems like a mostly stable family that works their asses off and really care about each other. Imagine that! I hope it’s a great success to show Bravo that the cat fights are just too much.

Good luck to her and her family.

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Stylist Rachel Zoe Officially Announces 2nd Pregnancy

Rachel Zoe husband Rodger Berman and son skyler sitting together announce second pregnancy

Umm, I thought this was public knowledge as of June? Meh, either way, uber stylist to the skinny stars, turned reality TV star, turned designer,  Rachel Zoe announced on her site ( that she is indeed expecting her second child with husband Rodger Berman.

Rodger, Skyler and I hope that everyone had an amazing summer!

Before we head into the chaos of fashion season, we wanted to take a moment to OFFICIALLY confirm that we are expecting another child. We are beyond excited for Skyler to have a sibling and for us to fall in love all over again. We feel incredibly blessed.

Thank you all for your constant love and support of our family.

Rachel, Rodger and Skyler

Congratulations to Rachel and Rodger.

Image via TheZoeReport

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Summer Camp Prize Pack Winner Has Been Chosen #summercampusa


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Top Chef Seattle FINALE On Bravo! *Video*

bravo, top chef

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Top Chef Finale – Wednesday, February 27 @ 10/9c on Bravo

This season of Top Chef Seattle has been so intense.  The drama, the backstabbing, the stress and, oh yeah, the insanely delicious looking and tasting food.

The ups and downs of this season were just crazy.  The most exciting moments were the roller derby racing, digging for oysters in the middle of the sound, and taking a helicopter to the top of a mountain only to be whisked away by a dogsled.  But these had nothing on the drama behind the plates: Josie completely throwing Kristen under the bus for sauce, and Josh waiting for and then missing the birth of his baby girl Georgia was absolutely heartbreaking.

Can we talk food for a moment?  My favorite challenge was when they used the local vendors from Pikes Marketplace as the inspirations for their dishes.  I’m a sucker for local businesses and really enjoyed seeing their products on display.  Then there were the king crab, fried chicken, butter cake with goat cheese and berries, Josh’s endless line of breakfast items! Oh I just want to lick the screen.

All of that has lead to tonight’s duo that is competing for the title of Top Chef, Wednesday, February 27 @ 10/9c.  Chefs Brooke and Kristen will be facing off head to head in a LIVE competition with an audience watching their every move.

top chef, season 10, seattle, brooke williamson, bravo top chef, season 10, seattle, kristen kish, bravo

I have to tell you that I am really surprised on who has made it to the live finale tonight.   Brooke, though quite capable, just seems to get flustered quite easily.  Maybe it is just her personality, and it comes from working with her husband who she can vent with all the time?  Her food does look incredibly delicious and I guess owning two restaurants in Los Angeles has been giving her practice.

Kristen has worked her way back after being eliminated even beating Josie in Last Chance Kitchen. That was a little taste of humble pie. (And can you believe that CJ lost at all in Last Chance Kitchen?  He was on quite the streak there.)  Kristen does seem to be fully focused on the task at hand, though.  I think that she may be the winner tonight, but really it depends on the team that she has with her.

Who else do you think should have made it tonight?  I was also pulling for Josh and his mustache.  It was quite surprising that he went home instead of Sheldon’s red hat at the Governor’s mansion.  I am glad that Josie went home, though.  Not because of her cooking, but her poor attitude during the entire competition.  Is that so wrong on a competition show?  Maybe, but that is why I am not a judge I just watch from my couch.

I cannot see what they pull out tonight with their team.  My only complaint is that I do not get to try the dishes along with those in the audience.

Who do you think will be crowned Top Chef?

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Bethenny Frankel’s Ex Filed His Divorce Response

Bethenny Frankel And Husband Jason Hoppy -fp

How in the world did I miss this? Was I having a power nap? Trying on new shape wear?

Anyway, it seems that Jason Hoppy, the future former husband of Skinnygirl founder Bethenny Frankel, put in his response to her divorce petition. It might as well have just been a carbon copy of her filing or have “what she said” written in ink on it at the top.

TMZ has learned Jason Hoppy has filed his response to Bethenny’s divorce petition, in which he’s requesting PRIMARY CUSTODY of the couple’s 2-year-old daughter. We broke the story, Bethenny also wants primary custody.

Jason also wants child support from Bethenny — she wants the same from him.

Jason is asking for Bethenny to foot the bill for medical and dental insurance as well as related expenses for himself and daughter Bryn. In Bethenny’s legal docs she asks that Jason pay for her medical and dental bills, as well as Bryn’s.

Jason wants Bethenny to maintain life insurance on herself, making both Bryn and him beneficiaries. She wants him to maintain a life insurance policy for her benefit as well as Bryn’s.

And last but not least … Jason wants “exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence.” Surprise — Bethenny wants that too.

Ah, one last thing. He wants her to pay for his lawyer, accountant, etc.

Other outlets are trying to turn this into an all out and out war, but truth is, filings like this are par for the course. Since there’s a prenup this should all go not too badly. The only fight I see could be over their two year old daughter. That’s the saddest part. Both of these parents love her so much, I just hope they give her stability.

Image via Fame

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