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It’s the Return Of The ‘Bad Girls Club’ Now In Atlanta *VIDEO PREVIEW*

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If you like the Real Housewives, hold on to your stiletto heels! The Real Housewives are simply Bad Girls in training.

Oxygen’s fan favorite original series “Bad Girls Club” returns for season 10 in Atlanta on a new night and time beginning on Tuesday, January 15 at 8 PM ET/PT. This season brings a fresh batch of seven alpha females ready to take on the hottest city in the South. For the first time ever, their rivalries inside the house will be put to the ultimate physical test when the cast heads overseas on vacation to Greece to compete in the inaugural “Bad Girls Games.” Will this outrageously entertaining group be able to put aside their differences and live peacefully under one roof – or will chaos rule?

In tonight’s premiere episode, a new breed of bad descends on the ATL, but when hot mess Janae can¹t keep up with her new roommates, the girls waste no time schooling her in what it means to be a Bad Girl.


Jenae is feeling partied out in the back of the limo. After trying to help, Paula tries to talk some sense with Jenae back at the Bad Girls’ House. Tensions rise with Paula, Nicole and Jenae ending up in a pop-off!


Pumped up for a good night, the Bad Girls have shots in the kitchen and leave the house. Jenae parties too hard and leaves in the arms of security with the girls throwing water on her in the limo!

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OMG! Howard Moves Out Of His Mom’s House Tonight On Big Band Theory!

What? What is this shift in the universe? Howard is moving OUT of his mother’s house, and in with his new wife Bernadette. *Here’s hoping it’s not interrupted by football like it was last week*

Big Bang Theory

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1 Sneak Peek! [VIDEO]

Camille vs Kyle: Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer revisit the drama about why anyone would be interested in Camille without Kelsey Grammer.

It’s nothing if not full of drama, and cat fights, that’s for sure.

Camille vs. Kyle. Kyle vs. Kim. Kim vs. Taylor.  Season one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills certainly had enough drama! However, many of these fights have remained unresolved following last week’s finale.  The ladies regroup with Andy Cohen to rehash the biggest ones of the season.  Will the ladies finally come to peace with their differences or in true Housewives Fashion, will the drama only get more intense? Find out this Thursday 1/27 @9/8c on BRAVO’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Calling Taylor Out: Kim Richards calls out Taylor Armstrong on Taylor’s threat to Kim.