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Fuzzy Sweater Wake Up Call

vargas pinup 1963 pink sweater

Good morning little bees. Here’s a little something to start your day off with that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Now you can make it through your day.

Purely Dorset Duvet

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Victoria's Secret Gets Fresh With Mentos!

Thank that you’ve seen it all from Victoria’s Secret? Think again! This year, VS teamed up with Mentos to bring out a very special outfit. Oooh, talk about “fresh maker”!

Victoria’s Secret model Heloise Guerin looking Fresh strutting down the runway at the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City. Guerin is wearing Todd Thomas’s one-of-a-kind design that collaborated with Mentos (pictured below) for the Victoria Secret PINK Planet section. The costume was completed with layers of Mentos signature wrappers and gum, specifically for this year’s show airing tonight on CBS.

Carey Hart Has A Gift for Pink

Carey Hart, husband of singer Pink, was spotted entering the Hotel D’Angleterre in Copenhagen, Denmark while carrying flowers for his wife, who was performing later in the evening on July 24, 2010.

I think these two have become my favorite celebrity couple. They have twitter love sessions, and it’s just so dang endearing. ;-)

Image via Fame