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John Slattery Joins Music Video

I’m not content watching John Slattery on Mad Men on my DVR, or on the new Lincoln commercials. I need more “Roger Sterling!!”

Lucky for me, and you, and me, he’s making an appearance in the new National video.  (The National is a rock band based out of Brooklyn, FYI)

I don’t know for what song, or what the theme of the video is, but luckily, they posted pics on their twitter account!  Yay!

Photos via National’s YFrog Account

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Tori Spelling Promotes Uncharted TerriTori

Actress/writer/designer Tori Spelling pays a visit to Borders Books in Manhattan, NY on June 16, 2010 to sign copies for of her newest book “Unchartered Territori “.

If you watched her show on Oxygen “Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” this year, you saw her go through writing this THIRD biography. It was like one long infomertial for the book, her jewelry line, and her kids clothing.

This woman is BUSY!

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