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A Law And Disorder Post

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First up with have the loser child of Michael Douglas, Cameron Douglas , was rightly sentenced to a fiver year stint in prison, followed by five years of parole.  He was convicted of selling POUNDS of meth, after having been followed by police for YEARS!!!

This was after daddy dearest sent a letter to the judge saying his meth dealing son should get off easy because he had a hard life (of living in privilege).  These spoiled brats make me sick.  Especially when the parents go tot he judge and ask to be treated like a freaking snowflake.  I say, to be a good parent you’d have him sent away for the maximum time…

Fame Pictures

In more spoiled news, Cybil Shepherd’s 22 year old son, Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim, was given a slap on the wrist and sentenced to rehab.  ahhh poor poor  little boo-boo.  Cyrus was arrested in January for STEALING from fellow passengers on a flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia.
Don’t worry, if he completes his hard stint in rehab, the baby’s record will be cleared.


LAST is actress and mess, Heather Locklear. Little miss Heather was arrested on a hit and run charge. Now, she didn’t get put in cuffs, or go to the jail. She was written up for “allegedly” hitting a sign with her car and not leaving a note. Now her lawyer is spinning it that Heather may not have been the one driving the car at the time. If it was Ms. Locklear, this will violate her 3 year probation for her DUI arrest in September 2008.

Kiefer Takes Lunch in London [pics]

After being thrown out of a strip club in London, actor Kiefer Sutherland takes in a lunch with friends. Ok so it wasn’t RIGHT after being thrown out of the strip club…

Images by Bauer Griffin

Johnny Weir at the GLAAD Media Awards [pics]

I know there were plenty of other interesting people at the 21st annual GLAAD media awards, but I am only really interested in a few. One of them, documentary “Be Good Johnny Weir” star and Olympic medal winner Johnny Weir!

I wonder if he designed that outfit he’s wearing.

Images by BauerGriffin