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Mad Men Returns April 7th With Two Hour Premiere (is this a good thing?)

Mad Men Season 5 Cast Photo

Break out the Brylcreem and stockings, Mad Men is returning to AMC.

The Emmy winning drama is set to return with a two-hour premiere on April 7th. This will be the 6th season on AMC.

Like most seasons, the only regular character that we know for certain will be returning is Don Draper played by Jon Hamm. Rumor has it, though, that most will return, including Elisabeth Moss, Peggy, who left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce last season.

Will the premiere include more singing by Megan (eyeroll)? Will she and Don even be together still? What about SCDP? Will they still be up and running? How about Roger and his new found adoration for LSD and not much else. Joan and baby Kevin?

I just hope that this season is better than last. I stopped watching season 5 about 3 or 4 episodes in. And I am a DIE HARD Mad Men fan. I had been hearing some grumbling from other MM fans throughout the season, and definitely after it ended. It just isn’t that good anymore. There’s no flow or interest in the characters. Let’s hope that season six ends the down hill slide that the show has been on for a while.

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Mad Men Episode 9 Sneak Peek "Beautiful Girls" VIDEO

Dear diary, I swam a whole lap today without coughing! I am so happy. -BusyBeeBlogger

Last week’s Mad Men was all about Don Draper. All Don, all the time. Well, Don and Joan.

This week, in episode 9 “Beautiful Girls” we have a little something happening with Ms. Peggy Olson. Is she getting a little too familiar with her new hipster friend who works for LIFE magazine?

AMC TV has this to say about tonight’s episode “Peggy receives a romantic gift that could compromise her career.”


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Image and video via AMCTV