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Morning Fan Dance and Links

Good morning little bees! Burlesque performer, Sally Rand and her amazing fan dance, at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago. My grandma was there, at 3 years old, and STILL talks about it.

Dipped In Cream Today’s Blind Item: Creepy A List Cheating

Have U Heard Jude Law and Sienna MillerRepeat History – Split Up

Allie Is Wired Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage (VIDEO)

Fit Fab Celebs Justin Bieber Has Arrived!

Agent Bed Head Let’s Talk About The Latest Famous Scientology Defector

I Need My Fix Oscar Fashion Talk with Helena Bonham Carter And I LOVE it!

Celebrity Dirty Laundry Larry Hagman In a Snit As J.R. Ewing Told To Leave Texas!

Celebrity VIP Lounge Britney Spears hasn’t changed one bit.

Ayyyy! Aubrey O’Day gets molested by Elmo

Ear Sucker
Victoria Beckham to pose nude for the cover of Vogue?

Hollywood Hiccups Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni Welcome Baby Boy

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Kevin Spacey's F You T Shirt

Ok so after I posted the VIDEO of Kevin Spacey receiving the F-bomb award from Conan O’Brien, people wanted me to POST a photo of the T-shirt since Conan’s people blurred it on the video. Well no kidding!

Kevin Spacey Picks Up His Oscar Winner F-Bomb Award From Conan O’Brien

So, to see an UNCENSORED version of the VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK T-shirt, click after the jump!

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Kevin Spacey Picks Up His F-Bomb Award From Conan O'Brien VIDEO!

Do I even need ANOTHER F’ing reason to love Kevin Spacey?

Earlier this week, TWO time Oscar winning actor, Kevin Spacey, returned to the set of “Conan” (starring Conan O’Brien) to pick up his F-bomb award! After dropping the F-word the last time he was on the show, Conan decided to start an Oscar winner F-bomb hall of fame, of which, Spacey and Javier Bardem are now members. They each have busts that are supposed to resemble them in the hall of fame, but Spacey wanted something more.

After that godawful bust was originally revealed Spacey tweeted:

@KevinSpacey – Hey, @ConanOBrien, is there an award or something for my mantle that I get for this?

Well, Conan decided that yes indeed, any Oscar winner that drops the F-bomb on his show will also get an f-bomb award that he or she can proudly display at home.

And if you couldn’t quite see what his shirt said…. He later posted a pic of it. I can’t post it here due to my sponsors not liking that sort of thing, but you can go HERE to see the f’ing shirt.

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Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem Welcome Baby

In what is certain to be one of the most genetically gifted babies on the planet, Javier Bardem and his lovely wife Penelope Cruz welcomed a baby boy yesterday (January 25)!

No confirmed details have been released, but this wouldn’t be surprising for the uber private couple. They were married early July 2010 in a secret ceremony and pics were never released to the press. And it wasn’t until Penelope was over 4 1/2 months pregnant and filming the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie that their rep made a statement that they were indeed expecting!!!

The Spanish Magazine Hola [via US] said that Javier and Penelope’s family, Javier’s mom and Pene’s mom, brother and sister, flew in to Los Angeles for the birth of their baby boy.

Congratulations to the greedy good genes family.

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Sandra Bullock Is Your Woman Of The Year!!

Fit Fab Celebs Sandra Bullock is your new Woman of the Year!

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BusyBeeBlogger Who will he try to fire first? Donald Trump gets Roasted!

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AmyGrindhouse Olivia Wilde’s Husband Loves Her Sex Scenes

Hollywood Dame Was Britney Spears Inspiration Behind ‘Country Strong’

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