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Gilles Marini Says his wife is "Perfect"

Gilles Marini and his wife Carole -BusyBeeBlogger

Doesn’t he just make your heart (and everything else) melt?   Gilles Marini, newest star of Brothers & Sisters, opened up to Stagger Magazine about his marriage, love, keeping things spicy, oh and his infamous shower scene in Sex and the City.  (holla!)

STAGGERED: How and when did you meet your wife, Carole?

GM: Carole and I met in a bar in the south of France, and when I laid eyes on her, oulala, I completely felt that she was the sexiest woman on Earth. We have now been married for 11 years in April. I am a very lucky man.

STAGGERED: How did you know she was “The One”?

GM: Well, it took me some time; I’d say a couple of days. (Laughs.) I mean, it’s hard to explain in words. To me, Carole has everything; she completes me in so many different ways. She balances me out and has always been so supportive of all of my dreams, whatever they were. She is perfect.


STAGGERED: You and Carole seem to have such a happy and loving marriage, what’s your secret?

GM: We have a lot of love for one another and we support one another. We communicate with one another, and respect one another. We also share strong family values, and yes, we have a lot of sex. (Laughs.)

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