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The Jersey Shore Idea

My friend’s sister last night (whose own site is coming soon) had a genius idea. She suggested that the members of “The Jersey Shore” do a HUGE fund raiser for The REAL Jersey Shore in the aftermath of Sandy. Maybe in Las Vegas? Pauly D. could spin, and Snooki could MC and Mike “The Situation” could.. uh… take photos with people on the dance floor. DO IT!

Considering the havoc these people have caused on the shore, and all of the money they made from stumbling around as drunken fools in the sand, I think it would be the right thing to do.

Let’s get it going!

Who else should do Jersey themed fundraisers?

I might have to do a fundraiser here in SoCal, and now it may be Jersey Shore Themed! I’ll keep you updated.

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Wow, Tom Green, Remember Him?!

Wow, I almost forgot all about Tom Green! The comedian was “caught” by the paparazzi in LA.  Would YOU have spotted him and known who he was if you saw him walking around?  I wouldn’t have.

If you don’t remember Green, or were too young (sigh), he was a comedian who had a show on MTV where he would play pranks on people, mostly his long suffering parents (this was LONG before Ashton Kutcher and Punk’d) .  He also did a few movies, married Drew Barrymore for a hot minute, and had a late night talk show. He also faced his own battle with testicular cancer.

I wonder what he’s up to now besides being filmed by the paparazzi.

I cannot see Tom Green without thinking of the below video of him painting a VERY OBSCENE sex scene on his dad’s car. And then filming him. All for his TV show.

Check it out, VERY NSFW.

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30 Seconds To Mars at VMAs [PICS]

Jared Leto and those other guys from 30 Seconds To Mars at VMAs 2010 - Busy Bee Blogger

I’ll make this short and sweet, as I really don’t like anything about Jared Leto or his band 30 Seconds To Mars. There’s just something icky about him.  But I know a few of you like them/him so here ya go!

Kiss kiss

(That means  you Julia)

Images via Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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Ke$ha's VMA arrival [PICS]

Look who finally took a shower!  I mean… um.  Ke$ha looks really good here.  OK, not REALLY good, I mean, her skirt is about a foot too short, but she’s clean and her hair is brushed!

She’s actually a pretty young woman.  Way to go Ke$ha.

Images via Fame

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LiLo's Scram issue

This sounds “off”. After Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet went off during the MTV Movie Award parties, Lindsay Lohan took a urine test and it was negative?

An L.A. district attorney spokeswoman wasn’t aware of the negative test result. The DA’s office office previously said the alert was “an alcohol-related violation.” It remains unclear what triggered the device. Holley also denied that Lohan tampered with the bracelet. [People]

What I want to know is HOW LONG after the alarm went off did LiLo take the test. Was it a DAY after it went off? Was it an hour after it went off? And did anyone actually WATCH her piddle? Oh I know it’s “invasive” to watch her but a liar is a liar. I mean, allegedly.

Image via MAC/Fame Pictures
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