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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant, or not?

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So I guess these pics of Jennifer Aniston in Mexico kind of answer whether or not she’s knocked up.

image via Bauer Griffin

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Gerard Butler is Shirtless at the Pool -Pics

I know you’re all here to see Gerard Butler shirtless in Cabo. So, you’re welcome. Looks like he’s having a good time chilling in Mexico.

The actor was there to help celebrate Jennifer Aniston’s 41st birthday. And she is looking INSANELY GOOD in these photos. Also there with the costars are Aniston’s good friends Sheryl Crow and Courteney Cox.

And what exactly is he doing in this picture? Anyone?

LOTS of photos of Gerard and Jen after the jump!
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Gerard Butler Lounges in Cabo with Jennifer Aniston -Pics

Paparazzi spotting! The new pass time for celebrities. Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler and Sheryl Crow were hanging on their balcony in Cabo, when they spotted the paparazzi! At least Aniston was snapped with her trusty Smart Water at hand! She’s a smart cookie.

(just so you know, the paps were on a BOAT out in the water, nearly a mile from the hotel! That’s a powerful lens!) Why the resort doesn’t have tinted plexi around the balcony, I will never know.

And as for the brace on Gerry’s chest? He probably injured his shoulder. That’s a brace used for separated shoulders. :-) Rest up Gerry!

Images by BauerGriffin