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Happy Birthday Mikhail Baryshnikov

Happy Birthday Mikhail Baryshnikov!!!

He turns 62 today. Sixty-flipping-two!

He escaped communist USSR, is one of the greatest dancers ever, and still has that Je ne sais qua.


Marc Jacobs’ Fashionable Beach Bag

Nice bag, Marc.

Really?  Is that REALLY a Birkin bag that Marc Jacobs is using for his BEACH BAG??  The Louis Vuiton, Marc Jacobs designer is currently on vacation in St. Bart’s with some friends and his husband Lorenzo Martone.

But really? A Birkin? At least his towel is Marc Jacobs ;-)

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Lisa Edelstein For Louis Vuiton


House’s Boss Cuddy, Lisa Edelstein, appeared at the Louis Vuiton Gala as well! She looks so cute! Very young, and healthy looking. She must be getting her sleep. Or maybe it’s due to her not pretending to fight with with Dr House all the time ;-)

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