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Getting Ridiculous with Busy Bee Blogger – X-Box Kinect Video

xbox kinect video

Good Monday peeps! After an extremely busy weekend where I spent most of my time working, I really just want to play. Yes I know that it is the start of the work week, but I really just want to play. Just kick back at the house, and get ridiculous. No cocktails required (though you can have some if you like).

I recently got an X-Box Kinect for the house, after hearing about it for years from other friends, and now I wonder why I waited to long to buy one. (Not an ad, I just went out and bought one)  I got to play with Dad Bee a few weeks ago.  There was lots of sweat, and some blood (all over the screen to the TV, on the floor, the built in cabinet), and it was AWESOME!   Check out the video below.

What do you all do to completely get ridiculous?  I am loving these new video games, and have convinced myself that they are a great addition to my lifestyle because I am getting off of the couch while playing them.

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Katie K Active Signature Collection Wants You To Brave Your Elements #DefineBrave

plus size workout gear from katie k

Brave Your Elements

There is nothing like knowing you’re headed in a better direction with your health and fitness. The only thing that feels better, is looking good while doing it. Katie K Active Signature collection is here for all of us, from size S to 3X. Chances are, there will be something that will look good on you, and help you BRAVE YOUR ELEMENTS while leading a healthy and enriched life, no matter where you are in your healthy journey.

Kayie K SignatureJacket

Katie K Active Collection

Katie K Active is a new lifestyle line that takes you where ever you want to go. This fun and functional activew ear ends the search for cute clothing that will take you from yoga class or the gym, to your coffee date and everywhere in between! These are especially perfect for those of us in SoCal, where yoga pants rule the world. I love that Katie K is just as functional as the ubiquitous yoga pant but with a little more flare.


Find out how Busy Bee Blogger community members can get a MAJOR discount on their next purchase from Katie K.

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Was Pro Surfer Kelly Slater Photobombed By A Dolphin Or A Shark?

pro surfer kelly slater photobomb shark dolphin
Image via Youtube

This is pretty cool. Pro surfer Kelly Slater was surfing it up in western Australia last week, where he strapped on a Go-Pro to get some really great footage.

Kelly is riding a wave and to his right at the 17 second mark, there is… something in the water. Some are saying it was one of the dolphins that was playing in the water at the time, whereas others are adamant that it was a shark.

Surfer Kelly Slater has yet to comment on his video but Association of Surfing Professionals’ (for who the video was made) Steve Robertson said –

“There was a actually a pod of dolphins in the area at the time, and Kelly actually got off the board and has essentially taken an underwater selfie with these dolphins,” he said.
“There’s no doubt about it, it’s not a shark, it’s not a ray or another surfer, it’s actually a dolphin in the footage. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Whether a dolphin, a shark, or another surfer, this video is still pretty cool.

H/t The Blaze

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Fashion – What Styles Go Best With Your Sign

Gil Elvgren Pinup witch riding a broom in front of a full moon Stockings heels Halloween

This spring’s styles are full of options. Are you having a hard time figuring out which options would be best for you? Why not consult the stars!

The astrology fashionistas at MySign have it all figured out for you this season. Whether it’s sequins, or leather, they have the best fashion tips for whatever your sign.

Check  out that the stars have to say about your style!


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Lifestyle – Giving It Up: 20 Days And Counting

Busy Bee Blogger coffee mug with tea Lent day 20

Today marks day 20 of 40 of my no coffee routine. I have officially made it to the half way point without sitting down with a nice mug of coffee first thing in the morning. Even when others around me are enjoying their own. Instead of coffee, or lattes, I have been enjoying my rather large stock of teas. There are so many different types of teas and flavors that I find just about anything I want any time of day.

I know there are some of you that are giving something up, whether for religious reasons or health. How are you dealing with the cravings? Did you pick up something new?

I want to hear about it. Good luck!

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