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Honey Drops!!!

britney spears sons pumpkin patch

Good Morning all!!!! It’s time to see what’s going on with my favorite friends! Kisses

Britney with the boys, in a field of giant cheetos! -Dlisted

Will Ferrell’s Bush returns to SNL!! -Daily Stab

Hot Momma, Halle Berry getting Lipo?? -Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Anne Hathaway’s ex gets his comeuppance -BittenandBound

Suri Cruise got her hair did! -SOMGWTF

Paris bought a brothel? -Agent Bed Head

JLo gets oggled by Versace and Lagerfeld - Ayyyy!

Mandy Moore and DJ Am back on!!! - Celebrity Smack

What happened to Katie Holmes’ TEETH!?! - Yeeah!