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Stars Attend Calvin Klein Fashion Week After Party! Photos

Just because New York Fashion Week came to an end yesterday doesn’t mean that the celebrating stopped. Designer Calvin Klein threw an end to fashion week party! I guess after 4 months of panicked work, it would be nice to unwind with some of your famous fashion friends.

Rodger Berman, Rachel Zoe, Katie Holmes, and Julianne Moore were all spotted entering the exclusive event!

See pics after the jump!
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The Cruise Family Spotted in NYC! [PICS]

Connor and Isabella Cruise leaving their home in NYC

Wow, I guess it has been a while since we have seen the entire Cruise family together. Connor, Isabella, Tom and Suri Cruise with Katie Holmes hit the pavement in NYC.

Can I say, I am loooooooving Katie’s hair? I know it’s extensions, but it looks fantastic on her!!! Maybe she’s taking some of her style from playing Jackie Kennedy to heart. Her husband, Tom, needs to take some lessons on being presentable, though. Brush your hair!

More pics of the family below!

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Katie Holmes Walks the Gauntlet

What a life! Katie Holmes arrives at her downtown apartment and holds on tightly to Suri as she passed photographers.

I know we like to say that celebrities shouldn’t complain about the paparazzi, and that they asked for it, but this seems really excessive.

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