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Twilight Eclipse Premier In Los Angeles

Last night the Twihards were out in full force! Twilight Eclipse (finally) debuted in Los Angeles and every fan from within 500 miles was there. Ok, maybe not…

Anyways. I really cannot get over just how lovely Dakota Fanning really is. She’s classy and age appropriate while still stunning.

And I Kellan Lutz showing us his Calvin Klein “x” undies? Priceless. What a good little spokesmodel.

Of course we also have
Robert Pattinson,
Kristen Stewart,
(who looked miserable on the red carpet)
Taylor Lautner,
Dakota Fanning,
Elle Fanning,
Julia Jones,
Alex Meraz,
Peter Facinelli,
Jennie Garth,
Christian Serratos,
Nikki Reed,
Tinsel Korey,
Elizabeth Reaser,
Ashley Greene,
Bryce Dallas Howard,
Catalina Sandino Moreno,
Kellan Lutz,
Anna Kendrick,
Jackson Rathbone

See them all after the jump!

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Grey Gardens LA Premier


Last night, Drew Barrymore and her hair were to the focus of the premier of Grey Gardens. I love that she’s so bold and didn’t go with an asymmetrical one strapped dress, and simple clutch, gladiator heels. She’s just into what she’s into and it works for her! And I love it.

Sure her hair is as big as she is, but who cares. I mean really. She does it full knowing it’s in fun. Just like that gawd awful tongue ring.

Man, I don’t remember the last time I saw so much press for an HBO movie! Drew Barrymore has been EVERYWHERE working her tush off to get press for Grey Gardens. She was on Letterman, Regis and Kelly, and Ellen all in the past few days. While she was on Ellen she addressed the rumors she is back with Justin Long.

>”You were a couple,” the inquisitive TV host says to Barrymore on Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Then you broke up, but you’re together a lot now.”

“We’re good friends, and were doing a film this summer,” replies Barrymore, who herself notes, “and I think it’s very confusing.” Their upcoming movie, after they already costarred in He’s Just Not That Into You, will be Going the Distance. They’ll play a couple threatened by the obstacles posed by their long-distance relationship.

“Yes, he was at the premiere in New York,” says Barrymore. “We’re dear friends. I guess people find it a little confusing. I totally understand. It seems like, ‘What is the deal with them?,’ but we just adore each other. We’re in each other’s lives, and we’re friends, and we’re working together, and we have worked together.”

DeGeneres, 51, then wondered if Barrymore is back to seeing Long exclusively, or is someone else also in the picture? “We’re just friends,” Barrymore emphasizes, “so we are free to do whatever we want.”

That seems like a lot of fun, but who knows if this works in the long run. I love that she’s so respectful of the people she’s dated.

More pics of the premier of Grey Gardens below. Including costar Jessica Lange, Jennie Garth, Ali Larter, Ken Howard, Lisa Kudrow.


Tori Spelling Back on 90210


Donna Martin is BACK !!!  Tori Spelling was back on 90210 along with fellow castmate Jenny Garth and newbie Jessica Stroup.   I don’t watch the 2.0 version and I haven’t heard anything since “Brenda” hasn’t been on.  And is it just me or did Tori get SKINNY???

It seems the best part of this show,  is when the orginal cast returns.  :-)

So, do YOU watch 90210 2.0?

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