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Gift Guide – Evutec Wood Snap Case For Your Phone

 kevlar bamboo evutec bamboo iphone case

Gift Guide for: tech, zen, green friends

If you’re looking for something new in your smart phone that is also a little green, check out this really cool snap case.

I opened up the bamboo snap case, and was delighted.  I have few friends who are a little more zen than tech, but they still are permanently attached to their iPhone.  THIS state of the art snap case is perfect for them.

The Evutec wood snap case is made with real bamboo, but it incorporates Kevlar (yes Kevlar) into its shell.  This makes it super light weight and thin, but still protective of your address book, photos, and apps.

evutec carbon iphone case cover kevlar

I love the look of the bamboo on the phone, but they also make covers that are just made out of the recycled Kevlar layers that look very urban.

Dual fused layers of DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers outer shell is 0.7mm thin. Thin, light-weight case with scratch resistant coating. DuPont™ Kevlar® is lightweight and extraordinarily strong, with five times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis and it does not block your cellular signal.

The Evutec snap cases  are available for the iPhone products, including the iPad, as well as Samsung.  The best thing is that I can afford these.  At only 39.95 MSRP I can buy these for a few friends for Christmas, and get one for myself.

I was not paid for this post. All editorial contest belongs to I was given product to review.

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Will Apple’s New iPhone Have The Midas Touch?


iPhone, all the time. It’s all that anyone is talking about right now with the newest iPhone announcement planned for September. Speculation, new ideas, and some stifled yawns. Apple’s last release brought more ridicule and satire than it did oohs and ahhs (at least from those that are not Apple devotees). Remember the Samsung GS3 commercials that openly poked fun of the “new” iPhone and those that ADORE apple? “The headphones… plug into the bottom. :-O”

But the biggest thing that some of my iPhone friends are talking about? The whispers that the new phone will be…. GOLD! Right now the iPhone only comes in white and black. Like a chihuahua on Robertson Blvd., the new iPhone, if it is indeed gold, will be the newest “it” accessory.

But don’t worry it won’t be the gaudy knock off jewelry gold. Techcrunch says that the new color is more of a champagne than a yellow.

There is also talk of a finger print reader that will take the place of a pass code. Combining the two would certainly give the “Midas Touch” to your new iPhone. One would worry, though, that people would steal not only your phone but your finger as well, if they were desperate enough. Better put that iPhone in a safe place.

image via TechCrunch

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The Tech Girl’s New Must Have Wallet

While I tend to like to carry my cross body purse or my giant tote that holds EVERYTHING, there are times where all I want to keep with me are my ID, some cash, and my phone. But finding a wristlet that has enough room for my smartphone is not as easy as I wish it could be.

Stella & Dot must have read my mind, becuase they just released their new Chelsea tech wallet, made for tech friendly women on the go.

This purse is designed to hold your smart phone. There’s a special section just for it to keep it from sliding around. How fabulous.

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