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New Modern Vintage Style Home Decor At Modcloth


modcloth home decor retro vintage modern house

ModCloth is launching a magical new line of home decor items for you to beautify your apartment. Take a look at some of the new items here: ModCloth Retro & Cute Apartment Decor! Shop Now!. They have the cutest kitchen and bathroom items to make your home playful and elegant, all at an affordable price too. And they offer free shipping on all orders over $50, so don’t be shy when you find a few things you love at ModCloth!

Come back and let me know what you buy!!

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Free $50 Grab Bag From ModCloth

I have a confession, I have an addiction to ModCloth and all of their dresses, apartment decor, kitchen goodies, and fun gifts. I have spent all my mad money on ModCloth recently and I just don’t want to stop!!!!

I’ve already bought 2 (or more) holiday dresses, and my Christmas presents for friends from here.

And now, I can get a grab bag filled with $50 worth of goodies! The grab bag will feature holiday party-themed accessories that will be great to give as gifts or keep for yourself. And I think I know who will be receiving MY grab bag. ME.

ModCloth Grab Bag Event - Free Grab Bag worth $50 included with Orders Over $125

Quirky Christmas Gifts

Shroom for Cream Tea Set from ModCloth

from: ModCloth

I have this love of kitch. If I could I would have two homes, one done beach bungalow casual, and the other, done all with fun kitch. Pinup girl photo ready, of course.

So, chances are, that at some point when we are friends, you will get a kitchy gift from me that is also fabulous.

I bought this for my friend of mine that has a love for mushrooms. How fantastic is this?

You’ve been warned

xoxo -Pinup

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Video- Will A Battle With A Client Cost Jeff His Job? Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis

Oh I love Jeff Lewis, and I am lo-o-oving this season of Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis even more than Zoila in a pile of kittens!

For years I worked in the construction industry and with some of the richest people in the SoCal area, on some of the most expensive homes. Seeing Jeff have to deal with the “eccentricities” of some of these people is just priceless. Mostly because it’s not me having to answer their questions without wanting to just walk away and pretend they don’t exist.

For some reason, a large number of his clients for this series are hoarders. Not wanting to let go of things, ever. Never, ever, ever. And tonight’s whack a doodle client isn’t any different. In fact, after they DONATE some of her items to charity, she wants it all back!!! Who does that?!?!

Check out it below or catch it on Bravo, tonight!

Wednesday May 9th @9/8c – Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

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Bomb House Set To Burn Today In So Cal!!!

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If you are in the Southern California area, like I am, it would be best just to avoid Escondido all together today.  The “bomb” house is set to burn at 9AM.

From my friend at

North Escondido will be the center of a media circus today as Via Scott road is the site of an ole fashioned house burning. Of course, this house is full of arsenal and bomb-making material. What to expect: Every Los Angeles helo and fixed wing aircraft watching the daytime fireworks show.

On the ground, reporters from San Diego will be fighting for front row seats as a throng of reporters will be on site to watch the house burn.

Word is that this nut job was RENTING the house and the woman who owns it is SOL. Bye Bye house!

Escondido is about 30 miles North of San Diego.  So stay out of the area, just to be safe y’all!

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