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DIY – How-to Paint A Diamond Pattern On Living Room Wall

Take an afternoon and redo your living room with this simple painting DIY.

Is your living room looking a little blah? Want to add a little plash of color to a bedroom, office, or your dining room? This diamond pattern living room painting how-to is easy and FAST! We took a 90 inch wide by 104 inch high section of my living room and painted this Do It Yourself diamond pattern on it in 2 hours. That includes the drying time for the paint! You can easily do this painting DIY over the weekend with a friend.

I chose a wall in my living room to paint. I already liked the color that was there, but I wanted to add a blue/grey paint to it. I like the contrast of the tan/blue. If you do not already like the color of the wall you will be painting, paired with the color of the diamonds that you want, this will take longer. You will first need the entire area you will be putting the diamond design onto to be painted the color you want to show through. Like I said, I already like the tan color I had on the wall, so this cut down on application time for me. If you are painting from scratch this will be a two day project, just to be safe.

What you will need -

  • measuring tape
  • pencil (do NOT use a pen they bleed through paint)
  • 1 1/2 inch painter tape
  • paint brush
  • tarp to cover floor
  • paint
  • 6 foot ladder
  • and a friend to help

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Summer Doesn’t Have To End – Colorful Linens Set The Table



hen house linens lunch on table

I know that people in Southern California try to tell the rest of the country that we do indeed have seasons, but truth is it’s usually a mix of sprint and summer around here. This even lends itself to our home and kitchens. Bright beautiful colors are common, especially on our tables.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with these linens I just got from Hen House Linens. Summer does not have to end with these on your table. These would be DARLING for a weekend girls’ night get together, a shower (bridal or baby), or just a casual lunch with friends.  Who would not want to have a meal with these beautiful place settings?

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Updating My Bedroom With Linens

Blooms for Your Room Duvet Cover in Full/Queen from ModCloth

This Southern California pinup has a thing for decorating. Or more specifically, decorating my bedroom. Ok, I love new sheets, duvet covers, and pillows. It is the easiest way for me to update my bedroom with the seasons and trends.

Dream Between the Lines Duvet Cover in King from ModCloth Shape Up Your Space Throw Blanket from ModCloth Such Sweet Slumber Pillow Sham Set from ModCloth
Lately, I have a major crush on blue/green colors. My nail polish, rugs, and paint in my bathroom are all shades of tiffany box blue green at the moment.

Hoot Wants Ice Cream? Pillow from ModCloth Fly Off to Dreamland Duvet Cover in Full/Queen from ModCloth Owl Did You Sleep? Pillow Sham Set from ModCloth
I could bring the owls that are everywhere right now sleep on my bed with me.

Blanketed in Blossoms Duvet Cover in King from ModCloth Serenity in Bloom Quilt Set in Full/Queen from ModCloth Flora and Fauna and Fabulous Duvet Cover Set in Full/Queen from ModCloth Fowl Play Duvet Cover Set in Full/Queen from ModCloth
Florals of every range. Bright yellows, subtle with grey backgrounds, or anything else that welcomes spring.

Whisker Me to Sleep Pillowcase Set from ModCloth Shuteye to Eye Pillowcase Set from ModCloth
Or embrace the hipster, with Buddy Holly glasses or a mustache on my pillows!

Just know that changing the look of your bedroom can be done simply and in an afternoon. Changing your bedding can change the entire look and feel of your space. And I love changing it up.


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SoCal House Shopping – Pre-Qualified versus Pre-Approved

the wrong nail elvgren pinup girl hit her thumb with a hammer

Oy! This little SoCal pinup is in the throes of house hunting in the San Diego area. Sure, searching for San Diego real estate sounds like the best job ever, but let me give you this, it is so frustrating. ESPECIALLY when you find something online that you L-O-V-E then you realize, OMG, it is beyond reach finanacially.

Here is my lifestyle tip for you: find out your budget first! Unless you are just looking at property for fun, do not just cruise the sites willy nilly. But how do you find out how much house (or condo or townhouse) you can afford? Get pre-qualified or pre-approved.

Getting pre-qualified or pre-approved will give you a ball park range for your home search. Do NOT go outside of your parameters, this will only lead to disappointment. While it is true there is room for negotiation in nearly all properties, don’t get your hopes up.

So what’s the difference?

Getting pre-qualified is fast and easy. It usually only takes a few minutes and you are on your way. The thing to remember is that this is based on the information you give the bank and is not verified. Also, the loan is not guaranteed.

Being pre-approved is more in depth. Your information IS verified and there is usually a credit check run. I would not pull this until you are SURE you are ready to buy. Having a check run on your credit can lower your rating if done often enough. Getting the pre-approval letter has more weight behind it than a pre-qualifying letter and usually means you are likely to get the loan in that amount. You are still not GUARANTEED this amount, though.

I hope this helps in your search! I know it helped me narrow down my houses.

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