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Helena Bonham Carter is Unrecognizable In Vogue UK

Helena Bonham Carter Vogue UK 2013 Agent Provocateur lace blindfold


I have to say, I adore Helena Bonham Carter and her quirky can’t hold me down sense of style.  But these pictures!  She is just gorgeous leaving the whole” dressing like my closet threw up all over me in the morning” sort of way at the door.


I mean, really would you have known this was HER had someone not told you?

Oh, and the lingerie in the shoot was from Agent Provocateur.  Yeah.  It’s like that.

Photos via Agent Provocaeur

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Alice in Wonderland Premier in the Rain

The London premier of Alice In Wonderland was a wet one! Poor director Tim Burton had sprinkled glasses on the red carpet.

Everyone and their brother was at the premier. Even Prince Charles and his wife Camilla stopped by to take in the movie and meet the cast.

Who else was there

(Alice) Mia Wasikowska
(Mad Hatter) Johnny Depp
(Red Queen) Helena Bonham Carter
(White Queen) Anne Hathaway
(White Rabbit) Michael Sheen
Avril Lavigne

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New Alice in Wonderland Trailer (Video & Photos)

Alice in wonderland

The newest trailer for Tim Burton’s version of “Alice In Wonderland” is out, and it looks gorgeous! If nothing else, Burton’s films are delicious to watch. Visual caramel sauce all over vanilla ice cream.

Johnny Depp is the OBVIOUS star of the movie, as he is in all of Burton’s movies. It just looks like Burton took the story of Alice and made it a sequel. Unlike what he did with Sleepy Hollow where he just rewrote the entire story without much reference to the original. (Still a great movie, though).

I just have a soft spot for Alice in Wonderland. From what I get from the trailer, Alice has already been and gone. She returns to find that The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) has taken over all of Wonderland and it has fallen to pieces. (hmmm sounds like the syfy version of Alice that was just on)

What do you think of the NEW Alice? Should he have just reworked the original? Or are you diggin the “Part 2″ aspect?

Images by USA Today