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Halloween Makeup DIY: Maleficent (How To Video)

angelina jolie as maleficent disney poster

Halloween is almost here, and I am expecting many Maleficent costume wearing trick or treaters (or their mothers) to be ringing my doorbell on Friday. It is either that or Elsa from Frozen. It will be a great good versus evil struggle for the ages I am sure.

If you are going to be one of the fabulous that choose Maleficent as your Halloween costume, do it justice with an amazing makeup worthy of Angelina Jolie’s jutting cheekbones.

Carly Musleh of Beauty Sauce nailed this Maleficent Makeup Look in her video how to tutorial that you can copy for Halloween this Friday. On her site, she also lists out the type of makeup and tools she uses in the video to get this Maleficent look.

Angelina Jolie Maleficent Makeup How To DIY Halloween Tutorial Video Caly Musleh beauty sauce

See the video after the jump

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Fall Cocktail Recipe: Werewolves Of London

This Brokers Gin cocktail will leave your guests howling with delight this Halloween.

Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Halloween is one week away. That is right, Halloween is on a FRIDAY this year! That means entertaining will be a little more relaxed knowing you will not have to worry so much about going to work in the morning. You may have your costume ready, and have eaten the first round of candy that you bought, but what about the cocktails? Do you have your Halloween drinks ready to go for your ghostly friends to enjoy?

I have a delicious gin cocktail recipe for you and yours to sip throughout the night. Festively named “Werewolves of London” after the classic fright movie, this fall drink recipe uses Broker’s Gin (get it, Broker’s is from London.) Make a batch of these and have them lined up looking pretty and your guests will howl with delight.

Werewolves of London Cocktail Recipe

  • 3 oz. Broker’s Gin
  • ½ oz. passion fruit syrup
  • 5 blackberries
  • 3 seedless red grapes
  • Dash of grenadine

Muddle the syrup and fruit together in a shaker. Add ice and Broker’s Gin and shake. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with Halloween Cocktail Stirrers.

This is sure to become a favorite at your Halloween parties from year to year.  And it does not have to be Halloween for you to enjoy the Werewolves of London gin cocktail.  You can call it anything else you want and enjoy it any evening you like.

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Perfect Costumes For Halloween Fun! (Pets too!)

Halloween Costume Maleficent

You have 11 days left before Halloween. I have yet to pick a costume, and if you are a late bloomer like this southern California girl, I have a few Halloween costume choices for you, and your pet!

This is the year of Maleficent. If you have ever wanted to dress up as my favorite Disney character, this is THE year to do it. You can go a little more covered or revealing. Either way, it’s really just about the horns and the icy stares.

minion costume for women

While you all know I like a good pinup look, but really, when it comes to costumes I like to be able to walk around and not freeze. Modesty is highly under-rated. How about a little minion? I love this costume, it is fun and silly yet you can still tell that the person in the costume is a woman without being labeled “sexy minion.”

And a perennial favorite, Sally Nightmare Before Christmas style costume. Sally still reigns on Halloween, and this would be great as a couple’s costume. Just find your Jack and you’re set!

Don’t forget the pets, they look adorable in their pet Halloween costumes too!

If you are dressing up as a minion, why not include the puppy as well! How adorable is this dog minion costume? Especially if yo had a couple of dogs in the house, you could dress them all up and have your own crowd of minions follow you around the house all night!

Spider Dog Costume for Halloween
Or if you spent a little too long watching that YouTube video of the spider dog, why not dress up Fido in his own spider costume? Terrify your friends in a fun way of course.

No matter what you dress up as for Halloween, we want to see your costumes!  Send them our way on Instagram and Twitter!  

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Halloween Week Pinup Of The Day – FrankenBridget

Olivia de Berardinis FrankenBridget Bridget Marquardt with dog Wednesday Halloween pinup

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. Today’s Halloween Pinup comes again from Olivia de Berardinis.

FrankenBridget has Bridget Marquardt, this time with her little dog Wednesday.

It just fits Bridget so well.

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A Slimmer You BEFORE The Holidays! Enter To Win bistroMD’s 17 Day Diet Meal Delivery #17DayDiet

BistroMD 17 day plan logo

Oh the holidays.  Filled with love, and good cheer.  Oh and don’t forget running into people you haven’t seen in quite a while and lots and lots and lots of photos that will be all over social media.  All followed by New Year’s resolutions to lose all the weight you gained by eating the heads off of gingerbread men in frustration.

Forget that nonsense!  Why not get a slimmer you BEFORE the holidays even arrive? The 17 Day Diet by bistroMD   is a food delivery service that takes all of the hassle (read grocery shopping and preparing) out of your dieting.  As featured on the NY times Best Seller List, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, and much more, this  17 Day Diet is super convenient especially with all of the chaos that is the “most wonderful time of the year”.  Whatever.  The last thing I want to do is stress out about my meals when I’m trying to find lords a leaping for my cousin!  I’d take the 17 Day Diet Delivery over stressing any day!

Berry Crepe 17 Day Diet-1 Blackened Salmon with Champagne Sauce 17 Day Diet-1 Mediterranean Chicken 17 Day Diet

bistroMD’s 17 Day Diet Meal Delivery Plan includes 7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches and 7 Dinners for about $26 a day to provide you the easiest way to lose weight fast. The meal plan is hand-prepared by chefs and follows each cycle of the 17 Day Diet plan. Meals can even be customized according to allergies or religious acceptance by simply calling.  Food is prepared fresh and delivered nationwide, to your doorstep on dry ice to maintain freshness.  Minimal preservatives are used and meals do not contain artificial sweeteners, MSG or trans-fat. The 17 Day Diet Menu can be viewed here

Still not sure about the 17 Day Diet Delivery ?  Well hold on.  bistroMD is also having a “Tweet To Lose” contest!   One winner will receive a month of the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan, valued at $739!  This is breakfast, lunches and dinners for 4 weeks delivered right to your home. Two additional winners will receive a week of the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan, valued at $184.90! This is breakfast, lunches and dinners for 1 week delivered right to your home. Contest runs from Friday November 1st – Tuesday November 12th.  

For you chance to win the “TWEET TO LOSE” contest, entere HERE.

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“Weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week is typical. Some individuals may lose more or less, based on individual traits.”

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This is a sponsored post for bistroMDAll editorial content is BusyBeeBlogger’s own. 

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