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Weekend Movie Pick…Dangerous Liasons

I am blaming my friend Sean for this. He mentioned one of the few movie lines that can make my blood boil, and I’ve been thinking of the movie ALL DAY!  It was “beyond my control”.

Everyone was in this movie. Glenn Close plays evil with such glamour and poise.

Who else is in it?

John Malkovich
Michelle Pfeiffer
Uma Thurman
Keanu Reeves

Both Uma and Keanu were BABIES in this movie!!

IMDB gives this as the basic description

Rich and bored aristocrats in Rococo France play high-stakes games of passion and betrayal.

That says it all. Everyone is running one over on everyone else. No one is really innocent. And you even end up rooting for the “bad” guy.

“It’s beyond my control” will sit with you LONG after the movie is over.


Honey Drops

Zach Braff in LA

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Fame Pictures

Katie Holmes was promised better, Honey Drops!

katie holmes manhattan

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Glenn Close Golden Globes

glenn close 2009 golden globes red carpet

So um, yeah.  Glenn Close had a very um… golden outfit on the red carpet of the Golden Globes.