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Cast of Glee works in the heat In LA

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The cast of Glee walks around half dressed as they get ready to shoot a new episode.  Ah the heat wave in Los Angeles as the rest of the country is getting a taste of winter.  Not that you’re complaining, I’m sure.

In other Glee news, Gyneth Platrow stopped by the biggest thing since sliced, dancing singing, bread to film a Singing in the Rain inspired episode and according to Jane Lynch did a great job!

“I did a couple of scenes with her, and she is awesome,” Lynch raved to Us. “There is nothing she can’t do! She sings, she dances, she acts. She is funny and a great mom and a good person!”

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Amanda Seyfried is bundled up with her doggie and more!

A bundled up Amanda Seyfried cheerfully enjoys a walk with her dog.  Man, I wish I was out walking in this chilly weather this weekend in SoCal.  We don’t get it too often, so it’s exciting to us spoiled people.  Unless I have to work in it, then it’s terrible.  ;-)

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