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Sugar hangover, honey drops….

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani go shopping at Whole Foods

Geri Halliwell has MOVED ON! - INO

Amy’s Blake can’t deny infidelity, with a BABY - Yeeeah

Joe Montana is still hot -SOW

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Is Kim Cattrall going to adopt? -Celebitchy

Want to date a serial killer? -RainCoaster

Victoria’s Secret’s Miranda Kerr doesn’t think she’s a sex symbol - Top Socialite

Miley Cyrus is confused – Amy Grindhouse

Jason Statham on sex scenes, IN PUBLIC – I need my fix

Alessandra Ambrossio’s photoshoot on the beach! – Splash News


BusyBee’s Birthday, HONEY DROPS!!!!

Kendra Wilkinson gets her pose on again – Kendra Wilkinson

Wolverine movie link investigated – Amy Grindhouse

National Cleavage day! Hugh Jackman, we’re watching you! - Raincoaster

Guy Ritchie puts down the pint to make a statement -I need my fix

How Lady Gaga got ready for Dinah Shore Weekend! -Bumpshack

NO DOUBT! to start of the Today Show’s series -DailyStab

Katie and Peter still have a Reality Show? – SplashNews

I LOVE Seth Rogen: Quote of the Day! - Celebrity VIP Lounge

Cancer Fighting Farrah Fawcett hospitalized - Celebitchy

Demi Moore, saves a life, via Twitter? - Evil Beet

Geri Halliwell‘s billionaire blabs – I’m not obsessed

Gale Harold RETURNS to Desperate Housewives on May 3rd!!! - SOMG

Jessica Simpson frolics in her bikini without Tony Romo - Top Socialite

Geri Halliwell arrives in London


Geri Halliwell and her daughter, Bluebell Madonna (not pictured), arrived in Heathrow Airport yesterday. Geri recently called off her three month long engagement to billionaire Fabrizio Politi. The two had been dating for 2 weeks before becoming engaged.

Bauer Griffin

Honey Drops


Jessica Simpson is eating her feelings - Daily Stab

Ginger Spice is getting married to her Billionaire Boyfriend !!!! – I need my fix

Pamela Anderson personifies Hot Tranny Mess for Vivienne Westwood - Celeb dirty laundry

Benji Madden’s career has really taken off - Evil Beet

Who DOESN’T LOVE the women of Mad Men? - Popbytes

MORE BLIND ITEMS!!! - Amy Grindhouse

AJ Mclean needs Dr Drew’s help - Celebrity VIP Lounge

Megan Fox is the new Lara Croft?  Let’s hope so - Celebitchy

The Brangelina Bunch go to Japan, TWINS INCLUDED - Gossip Girls

Is THAT Jenna Jameson?  - Bricks and Stones

Shia starts a tred? - Starcasm

Bauer Griffin

Honey Drops

robert pattinson

Winona Ryder torpedos her own career, again -Yeeeah

Katy Perry… like a Rubik’s cube-IDLYITW

Knocked up?  Mary Kate Olsen? -Celebitchy

Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell spices up the Red Carpet -Ayyyy

Heidi and Spencer return home from honeymoon -SOW

DJ AM and Travis Barker are back at it!!!! -Bitten and Bound

4th time, not a charm for Ivan Trump… got prenup? -I Need my fix

Gavin and Gwen take ZUMA for a spin -Evil Beet

WTF did Eva Longoria do to her hair?!?! -Celebrity Fashion Watcher

Brandon Davis is an idiot, P!nk now knows who he is -Celebrity Smach

Madonna is always on top -Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Robert Pattinson is disgusting. yeah, I said it -Agent Bed Head