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Anthony Bourdain Loves His In-N-Out Just Watch

Anthony Bourdain and BusyBeeBlogger

As every good southern Californian knows, it’s all about the In-N-Out. I do not care if you are on the new paleo, juicing, all vegan diet. If you are from southern California, you have a weak spot, for the delectable goodness that is the Double Double.

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Even the original New York hipster (he is so going to hate that I said that), chef, writer, and glob trotting eater Anthony Bourdain has a thing or two to say about it. In a video posted on Eater he explains that this is the first place he stops on his trips to L.A. (As someone who moved out of state briefly, I have to agree with Bourdain on this one. One of the first places I loved hitting up was either In-N-Out or a taco stand. SoCal in a biteful.) He also says that there is a certain sophistication about having a bag full of burgers from In-N-Out versus another fast food restaurant. A type of subtle head nod from those who know, not a look of disgust for a greasy bag of patties and fries.

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Up Your Brunch Game – Savory Spicy Cheese Waffles Recipe

Savory cheese covered waffles bring a delicious twist to your brunch this weekend.
Waffles. The idea immediately brings to mind syrup and butter and powdered sugar with coffee and orange juice. But what if we take waffles and turn them into something savory? Cheese melting over the top with garlic, onions, mushrooms and pepper. A surprise your friends will sure to remember.
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Del Mar Fall Food Truck Festival – Southern California Event

40 food trucks are expected, all in one location, with gourmet chefs serving their eclectic bests at super prices (most items $4-$8). Some delicious participants include The Grilled Cheese Truck, Cousins Maine Lobster, The Lime Truck, The Lobsta Truck, and Devilicious.

Del Mar Food Truck Festival

Let’s talk southern California food trucks. When I worked construction, don’t laugh, we used to call them roach coaches with love of course. BUt these kitchens on wheels have taken off and moved beyond basic sandwiches and burritos. Lobster, Italian dishes, and even vegan organic meals are coming off of these trucks. They have come a long way baby.

Today, November 22, 2014, the Del Mar Fair Grounds is hosting the Fall Food Truck Festival. You can come in to play the ponies and enjoy the food trucks all in the same place today! Can you say win? Food trucks of all stripes are coming down to show off what they have to offer.

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Tiny Hamster Is Back with Friends For Thanksgiving

tiny hamster and his friends sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.  Wearing their best pilgrim hats, the friends enjoy a turkey dinner until there just is not any more.  How cute are they?

There is something new this year to be thankful for. Tiny Hamster is back and he brought friends for a Thanksgiving feast! I don’t care if you’re from Southern California or Kansas City, this video of Tiny Hamster  eating Thanksgiving dinner with his friends, including a very fluffy bunny, gives me the biggest smile of the day.  There is sure to be a Pinterest tutorial on how to make pilgrim hats for hamsters very soon thanks to this video.

HelloDenizen has done a great job with their Tiny Hamster videos. Tiny Hamster has already had his own pizza party, a birthday for his little friend, and even gone against the hot dog eating champ, but this one may be the sweetest of the videos. I did have to wonder, is that what I look like when I sit down with Dad Bee and have Thanksgiving? SHOVING slices of pie into my face until I just cannot hold anymore, maybe just one scoop of potatoes… with gravy. Please.

Yes this is what we look like at Thanksgiving dinner. We just do not want to admit it. Instead of hanging our heads in shame, we can watch a little furry party do what we do every and giggle.

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Sometimes Simple Is Best – My Perfect Weekend Lunch

Fall lunch in southern California fruit cheese smoked yellowtail and sparkling water

What comes to your mind when you think about your perfect lunch? A delicious over the top sandwich with steak fries, pizza from a tiny hole in the wall restaurant, or maybe even an elegant restaurant. For this southern California blogger, there are few things that I enjoy more as an afternoon meal than what I had yesterday afternoon.

I have heard it referred to as a poor man’s dinner, but that does not lessen my love for this simple meal. On a cutting board I set out sliced apples and oranges, a wedge of bleu cheese, crackers, and smoked yellow fin tuna. The fish was locally caught and we smoked it in our yard the day before. There was something about the tart of the cheese with the smoke of the fish that really play off each other well.

You could easily dress this up for a holiday party with friends. Use a wooden cutting board, a variety of cheeses and maybe some other dried meats to pair like salami. You can also add more seasonal or exotic fruits bringing this delicious meat and cheese plate up a few notches.

I had my lunch with soda water, a lime wedge and new favorite glass straw in a tall glass. But you could serve this with tea or cocktails if you are entertaining.

Do not be afraid of easy when you are serving food to friends. It can still look as elegant as you want it to be. It is all in the presentation.

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