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An Easy Style Update For Under $50

update your look for less with firmoo frames.  Styles are under 50 dollars

Every now and then, everybody’s style needs an update. A new cut of a dress, a watch, hair style, just something to keep things fresh and moving. The best updates are ones that look good without making your wallet cry.

Style Update For Under $50

One of my favorite style updates is to get a new set of glasses. A new set of frames can change your whole look and attitude. My Firmoo glasses are blue, contemporary, and a completely different style than what I have been wearing for years. Now do not get me wrong, I love my very expensive high end frames, but they are a little dated, and I needed a shake up. [Read more...]

NFL Charger Eric Weddle Teams Up With Evolution Lighthouse To Fight Domestic Violence

Eric Weddle jewelry line charger nfl domestic violence

With all of the the focus on the bad that is happening inside the NFL, how about we focus on something good. Eric Weddle, free safety for the San Diego Chargers best known for his hard hits and beard, has teamed up with Southern California jewelry company Evolution Lighthouse for his own line of jewelry. But wait, it gets better. This San Diego Chargers inspired jewelry line will raise money for women’s domestic abuse organizations in the area. Nothing wrong with that!

With every piece that is sold money is donated to local charities. You can choose from necklaces, rings, stacking bracelets and earrings. All are San Diego Chargers color inspired with the gold and blue, or have the bolt.

Bolt ring from eric weddle chargers evolution lighthouse designs for domestic abuse

I was able to see the line up close and personal last weekend, and even bought myself one of the delicate gold bolt knuckle rings. These are hot, and everybody was wanting one of these. The stacking bracelets were very wearable, even if you are not a San Diego Chargers fan. They look great stacked up on the wrist with jeans.

This is the kind of things that makes San Diego great. Eric Weddle is not only known as a great San Diego Charger playing in the NFL, he is also known around San Diego as being very supportive and helping when people need a hand. It is not just a pose this man walks the walk and we could not be more proud to have him here in San Diego.

In order to support the domestic abuse organizations by grabbing up some of your own San Diego Chargers inspired jewelry visit Evolution Lighthouse.  Or if you are at a home game, you may be able to find them tailgating around B3!

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What’s The Hottest Trend In Jewelry? Just Ask Beyoncé

Beyoncé wearing flash tattoos on birthday vacation bikini thigh gap photo

It looks like flash tattoos, what I thought was going to be a flash in the pan (unintentional but I’m keeping the pun) of accessories, is now THE accessory to have. Even Beyoncé was wearing them in her now infamous “thigh gap” photo (above) while on her birthday vacation. She is decked out head to toe in these gold and silver stick on Metallic Jewelry Temporary Tattoos.

I do really like this trend, but I was not sure it was going to take off when I first saw it early in the summer. One of my favorite things about it is that I like to wear bracelets stacked up, but they make a lot of noise. With the flash tattoos, I can have what looks like a pile of bracelets, but they stay quiet, especially when I am typing at the computer in my very small office.

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The ENTIRE Altuzarra Collection is a Target!

Altuzarra for Target Look 2 Price: $44.99 Buy Now

I rarely get excited about any collaboration that comes around with department stores and designers, but this new line from Altuzarra just for Target has me VERY excited. The new designer line launched yesterday at select in-store Target locations as well as online.

Altuzarra for Target Look 21  The red velvet tuxedo pant & matching bl… [More] Price: $59.99 Buy Now

So what does this Southern California retro vintage girl like about this contemporary line for Target? The shape, and the cut of most of the clothes are feminine without being floofy. They can most all be belted , and they have quite the 40s and 70s throwback vibe, but in a classic way. Wrap dresses, skirts, fabulous long dresses with amazing giant flower details, python print, separates including blazers and velvety trousers.

Oh and did I mention the Accessories?   See more after the jump


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Ready for 73 Questions with Anna Wintour?

Anna Wintour answers 73 questions for Vogue

Revered and feared Vogue editor Anna Wintour is the newest celebrity to be asked 73 questions about what makes her.. well, Anna Wintour.

In a very special New York Fashion Week edition ofVogue’s 73 Questions interview series, the magazine’s inimitable editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, gets chased around her offices while answering a series of personal questions. Such queries include: the most overused word in fashion, her guilty pleasure, who she’d want on her team in tennis doubles, how many emails she writes each day, her favorite cocktail and 68 more. The Q&A we found most interesting, however, was about the three things she always has in her bag, besides her phone and lipstick: she “rarely carries a bag.” After all, why would you have to when you’re Anna Wintour? []

What does she have for breakfast? Does she prefer vintage or new fashion? What does she think of the new “IT” borough of Brooklyn? Cooking with marijuana? Sure, she has an answer for that.

She answers all 73 questions with her own brand of dry it, so be forewarned that if you do not notice the smirk on her face, you might think she is being serious on many of her answers. Just don’t ask her for a #selfie.

Video and image via Vogue
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