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Elephants On Parade In Dana Point!

elephant parade in dana point ca socal

Stop what you’re doing. The elephant parade has been spotted in Dana Point! YAY!!!

More to come on the Elephant Parade and the reason for the painted elephants.

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Britney and Russell’s mind games VMA ad

The VMAs are coming! That means, more Russell Brand, and Britney Spears! The newest ad for the MTV VMAs shows Britney poolside, wishing Russell would personally invite her to the awards show. Russell realizes he can hear Britney’s thoughts and sends her a few of his own… .naughty little thing.

Is this just a normal day for our BritBrit? Hearing Russell in her head along with all the rest of the voices? I kid I kid, I love Britney.

If you remember, Britney and Russell teamed up last year for the VMA ads. With a giant elephant. (link here)

“2009 MTV Video Music Awards” airing Sunday, September 13th at 9pm (Live ET/Tape Delayed PT).