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SoCal Earthquake WeeeEEEeee

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Last night was rollin’ here in Southern California. We had a few good little earthquakes, and then we had a big one about 5.1 in La Habra (that’s South of Los Angeles)

Don’t worry, we’re OK, but that was rolling for a while and we were a little worried for a second. Twitter and Facebook kind of blew up with all of us talking about it, making sure each other were ok.

Did you all feel it last night? Do you have friends here?

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Petra Nemcova Splits From Fiance’

Just four short months after announcing their engagement in January, Sports Illustrated model Petra Nemcova has broken up with British actor Jamie Belman.

“Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman confirm their separation,” a rep for Nemcova tells PEOPLE. “They remain close friends and thank their families for their continued support during this time.”

“There will be no further comment on the matter,” the rep added.

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Armstrong and Chechu Rubiera prerace Giro 18


Levi must be on a break. Lance Armstrong was busy this morning before stage 18 of the Giro d’Italia. This first video, he brought along Astana teammate Chechu Rubiera to chat a little about where they were riding today. Chechu and Lance said they have been riding together since 2001!

And if you were wondering what the pink bracelets were for that Lance and the the other riders were sporting were all about? No, not breast cancer this time. Rather, it is to show support for those who were affected by the earthquake earlier this year.

VIDEO of Chechu and Armstrong after the jump! It starts automatically.

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Madonna: like whoa!


BAM! I don’t care what anyone is saying about Madonna right now, girl is looking goooooooood. Like, WHOA!

Lady Madonna, who just made a sizable donation to the town in Italy her grandparents were from, was spotted walking around in London today. Girl is certainly bringing on the fashion isn’t she? And what’s with the smirk? Does she know she was busted with a mystery man last night? Or was that her plan all along?

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