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My Week Of Luxury with the ILX *Pics & Video* #weekwithilx

There’s nothing in SoCal like a nice car. I spend more time in my car, it seems, than sitting in my living room.

A few weeks ago I was asked to test drive the new Acura ILX Hybrid. This, my friends, is a luxury car that I might be able to afford.

I tend to beat the hell out of cars, I have an SUV right now that I use to haul EVERYTHING around in. But getting into the Acura ILX, I have to tell you, I started to respect the car. It’s not just there to get me from A to Z, this is a really nice car. Leather, XM radio, rear view cameras, heated seats (my favorite!), DVD sound, and an econ button that helps you save even more gas (41 miles to a gallon at the high end).

I did have a time with the navigation. You can actually talk to it and it will find what you are looking for, if the place is in its index. I was looking for a pizza place and it wasn’t in the index, so I put in another business I was told was nearby.

And just because this is a hybrid, doesn’t mean it can’t take off. The ILX has a lot of pick up and go, and my partner and I would find any excuse to hop in the ILX to take it out on the road during my week with ILX. Check out the video below of my first time on the freeway with the ILX.

I would have to say that this is a great luxury car. I can fit four comfortably, and I can maneuver the driver’s seat up/down, front/back, just to fit me. :-) And I have to say that I only used half a tank of gas over my whole week. That was with all of the extra trips that I would not normally have taken.

I already miss those heated seats.

YOU TOO CAN HAVE THE ILX FOR A WEEK. Enter my #WeekWithILX contest!

Acura has invited me to test the new ILX and share my honest thoughts through social media. I may receive product, access or content, but all commentary is my own.

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How Your Wine Is Made, Pressing Grapes At Fifty Barrels Winery #weekwithilx

In my week that was full of luxury, heated seats anyone?, I used my voice activated map on the ILX (once I figured it out) to head out and see just how my favorite wine was made.

The men of Fifty Barrels Winery let me into the barrel room to watch them press the grapes for their Cabernet.

It turns out, that the pressing and making of wine has not changed too much, ever. The press is filled with grapes (after sitting in their bins for about two weeks) and then they are squished. Plain and simple. There is a pump that brings the juice into a giant container, and the press has a giant air bladder that fills with air. Other than that, it’s all done by hand.

Once the holder is filled with the juice, it will eventually go into barrels for about 18 months. Then we get to drink it!

Of course, I think they simplified a few of the steps for me to get the basic idea. But I was fascinated watching how it all works.

Check out my video of the process below!

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