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The First Five Of Greys Anatomy

Alrighty. I have to say that I have never taken the time to watch a full episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but there was so much buzz about the first five minutes being released of this season, that I had to watch.

TRUST ME that if you want to really enjoy the season premier on September 24th DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO.

But if you DO watch, have some tissues handy.

Alex O’Loughlin in Three Rivers VIDEO

The closer we get to Fall, the closer we get to new network television shows. Today, we’re going to take a little look at a new doctor drama, Three Rivers, starring Alex O’Loughlin. (Alex is also co-starring in the movie The Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez)

Three Rivers goes inside the emotionally complex lives of organ donors, the recipients and the surgeons that make it all happen. Actors Alex O’Loughlin and Katherine Moennig star as part of the elite surgical team that – in addition to being doctors – must deal with donor families in their darkest hour, while managing the fears and concerns of apprehensive recipients.

Alex O’Loughlin plays Dr. Andy Yablonski, a workaholic leading the surgical team, whose good-natured personality and sarcastic wit makes him popular with his patients and colleagues. Each story is told from the point of view of the doctors, the recipients and the donors.

Three Rivers premieres Sunday, October 4th on CBS. You can view the preview and an interview with Alex O’Loughlin here.

I see billboards for this show everywhere when I go to Los Angeles! And the idea of doing a show JUST on organ donors and the doctors is a great spin on the “Doctor Drama” we all know so well. It’s not just sick patients and finding a cure.

So what do you think? Going to tune in on October 4th?

Oh Julia…


I don’t even know where to start with Julia Roberts. sigh. Ok, let’s get the pregnancy rumor starting portion out of the way. Julia was snapped leaving a medical building in Malibu conspicuously covering her tummy with, what is that as scarf(?), and a large bag. Hmmm, medical building, large scarf, and bag. hmmm. Ok, now that’s over.

Next, dear Julia, shave your armpits. Is this what happens to you when you make more money than God? You just throw hygiene out the window? I mean, I’m sure she showers and is very very clean, but there’s something about women who don’t shave their pits. I mean, the French who were once notorious about not shaving, have taken to waxing that off.

I think that’s it. I mean what else could I say about these pics…. Besides, what is up with that outfit?