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Jesus Luz DJ's in Rio

DJ and BFF to Madonna Jesus Luz was all smiles in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on April 10, 2010 during a party at the Fasano Hotel.

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Lindsay Lohan leaving Samantha Ronson's?


Ok, I thought that Samantha Ronson was still out of the country doing her DJ thing in Asia. Maybe I’m just out of the loop. Or maybe she is and that’s how Lindsay Lohan was able to stop by. Little miss I have a real job, Lindsay was spotted leaving Sam’s house yesterday. She’s looking kind of a mess. But who am I to talk, really?

No word on if she actually made it INTO Sam’s house or not, or if she just stopped by and tried to get in. I’m thinking, that she was just seeing if SR was home.

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Leave your Lohan at the Door


Looks like there’s either 1. a family feud a-brewin’ or 2. there was just a desire for no drama. OK! is saying that Lindsay Lohan was on the WRONG list at the Ronson family’s party last night! OK! reports that those working the door were told specifically to NOT let Lindsay Lohan into the club where Samantha was DJ’ing to celebrate her sister, Charlotte Ronson’s, clothing line launch “I Heart Ronson” for J C Penny.

An insider had told OK! earlier in the night that, “Unless [Lindsay] drives a truck and rams through the red carpet or sky dives in, Lindsay won’t be here.”

Regardless, Linds showed up as expected, only to be “restrained from coming in by five security guards,” according to an onlooker.

“Lindsay knew she was unwanted and not wanted, but came anyway, to no avail,” said another source.

That sucks. For everyone involved. I mean, I would hate to show up to a party knowing I was uninvited, and I would hate to put someone on the Do Not Enter list. On that note, is there a video of Lindz trying to get in?

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