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Sam Lutfi Is Stalking Lindsay Lohan?

Ew, snake of a man (allegedly), Sam Lutfi is said to be stalking Lindsay Lohan while she’s in Betty Ford Rehab!   Yes, the SAME Sam Lutfi that somehow got his hooks into Britney Spears and kept her under his control by (allegedly) slipping her drugs in her food.

Lindsay had been receiving text messages from someone saying that he was watching her while she was in sober living, and the concern has been so great that Betty Ford is moving Lindsay to a more secure location.

TMZ says that they found out the person sending the creepy text and voice mail messages is none other than Osama Lutfi!!!

We’ve learned Lutfi has been in close contact recently with none other than Michael Lohan. In at least one text Lutfi sent to Lindsay, he falsely identifies himself as “Mike from TMZ” and warns her to distance herself from Dina Lohan. The phone number on the text goes right back to Lutfi.

TMZ spoke with Lutfi, who claims he didn’t send the messages. He claims the people who rep Lindsay also repped Britney and they’re out to get him. Lutfi claims Lindsay has called him in the past, though sources connected with Lindsay say she doesn’t know Lutfi at all.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay’s people have been in touch with Sam, warning him to stay away from her … or else.

WHAT A CREEP!!!! How in the world does this super creep keep getting people’s contact information?!?! And what in the world is Michael Lohan THINKING?!?! Shame on him!!! Does he not remember what happened to Britney and Lynn Spears? Thank G-d Britney’s dad was able to get and KEEP a restraining order against Lutfi. And now he’s looking for a new victim (allegedly).

Is Dina Lohan Shopping Lindsay's REHAB Again?!?!

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Oh lovely. Mother of the Year, Dina Lohan loves her daughter so much, that she’s shopping around Lindsay Lohan’s rehab experience to the highest bidder…. again!

According to a snitch over at Kikster Dina is trying to get some much desired dough from pimping out Lindsay, and the rest of her family.

“Not only has Dina been ‘shopping’ around her upcoming trip to visit Lindsay in rehab at Betty Ford with her “other” 3 abandoned children, Michael Jr,(22), Ali (16) and Cody (13) to media outlets for the sale of pictures BUT she is doing it to develop a new REALITY SHOW!”

Lindsay Lohan’s Breaks Out of Rehab For A Coke

Kikster’s source continues, “Dina(48) did this years ago when Lindsay first went into rehab. She sold the footage for an E! Network ‘Special’ and then worked with E! to land her reality show, Living Lohan.” The kikster insider goes on to say, “It’s really sad that Dina is doing this AGAIN. She’s been advised that it’s in poor taste but that’s Dina for you- it’s all about HER!”

I really wouldn’t doubt that this is happening. Dina would put Lindsay’s face of toilet paper if she could make a dollar from it.

Way to go Dina, you’re full of win. :-) And yes, I’m lying.

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Lindsay Lohan's Breaks Out of Rehab For Coke

Lindsay Lohan wearing sunglasses, coca cola, script

Here’s an idea.  How about you try to escape from rehab for a soda thereby putting your rehab progress in jeopardy!  Sounds great to me.

Little miss Lindsay “it’s not my fault” Lohan did just that. LL and a fellow rehab client were wanting a Coca Cola really bad (or maybe wanting to break the rules just because that’s what they wanted to do). So what’s an addict to do? Crawl through a fence to the vending machine next door!


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Lindsay Lohan's $1 Million Radio Gig?

Lindsay Lohan has a new million dollar job offer!

Now that she’s free from jail and rehab Lindsay Lohan already has a new job offer on the table.

LONG ISLAND based radio station Party 105 is offering ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Lindsay and her MOMMY MANAGER Dina to join it’s nationally syndicated morning show. Lindsay and Dina would talk about fashion tips and entertainment news. There is also an ADVICE hotline where listeners could call in and ask questions.

I don’t know if asking Dina and Lindsay life advice is the best idea. Unless it’s how to put the blame on someone else for being 12 hours late to a photo shoot, or how to make money off my children.

Mommy Dina did say that she wanted to get Lindsay back to New York once she was out of rehab, so this may a real possibility for them. And Lindsay doesn’t have a record in NY so that’s good for a fresh start.

Oh and more pics of free bird Lindsay Lohan driving her new Maserati to the doctor today, below.

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