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Count Phone Numbers, Not Calories!

I may be single, but I have better things to do with my day than count calories. I’d rather be working, or writing, or flirting with cute and slightly awkward men.

Learn more about The Fresh Diet and a special deal just for readers. ;-)
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Tip the dating scales in your favor! The Fresh Diet Review!

So, what do I think of the food delivery service after my week on The Fresh Diet?  Click to find out, and how you can get 3 free days worth of food!

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New Year’s Resolution #1. Tip the dating scales in your favor!

Guess who’s back on The Fresh Diet?!?!   ME!   Not only am I back on the yummy, easy, meal delivery system, but I have a DEAL for my boo bees!

Click to find out more!

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The Choose Health Challenge Sponsored By BistroMD

Ok BooBees, I can’t be the only one that feels exhausted and cranky at the end of the day.  There has to be a few changes that we ALL can make to get us healthier that aren’t too terribly difficult, right?  What are we doing to live better lives?

BistroMD wants to know just what you and I can to do choose a healthier lifestyle, and guess what, we can win prizes for it!!

Click below to find out how talking about your healthier choices can win you prizes… and there’s a special offer for BooBees, too!

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