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Sex and the City 2 Official Trailer

Here you go! The new Sex and the City Movie 2 has just released it’s first video.

It’s been two years, and everyone seems to have gotten on with life (except for Carrie who never changes). The girls go on an adventure to Morocco.

I have to say, that we called a road trip when we heard that the sequel was in the works. There was nothing left for them to do as a group!

What do you think?

Sex and the City 2 Poster Revealed!

sex and the city 2

THIS?!?! This is the BEST that HBO could come up with for Sex and the City Movie 2? REALLY?

I am one of the BIGGEST SATC fans, and I HATE the direction that it went in the last movie, and this one doesn’t look to be going much better. I know Sarah Jessica Parker is the producer and all… but this is ridiculous.

Listen, HBO, because I know you really care what I think. The show was great when you remembered that it was an ENSEMBLE cast. Carrie was there only as an anchor, not as the only one people were interested in. There are 3 other women in the show. THREE!

In fact if Carrie wasn’t in the second movie I’d be fin with that. There was WAY too much of her in the first movie. (but we know she’s all over this movie, too, because of the paparazzi photos HERE)

On that note, what do YOU think of the new poster?


Kristin Davis is getting spoiled in love

kristin davis

Sex and the City actress, Kristin Davis, is enjoying her new relationship with celebrity photographer Russell James.

He is putting a lot into making this work. He’s made Kristin a princess and she loves every minute.

“It’s been terribly passionate and romantic, he showers Kristin with gifts and love notes, like a teenage boy in love.”

Russell has been sending Kristin flowers and jewelry to the set of Sex and the City, and her co-stars, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall are taking notice.

“Sarah’s been teasing her that she’s being spoilt by Russell.

“It’s all in good fun and of course everyone is happy for her.”

Yay! How exciting for Kristin. And to get flowers on set? Bonus!

Image by Bauer Griffin