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Link Time Honey Drops!!!

Taylor Momsen is leggy on set

Taylor Momsen gets leggy on set

Frances Bean is over her crazy mom Courtney Love - Dipped in Cream

Gwen Stefani left her pants at home – I need my fix

Colin Firth talks about being A Single Man – Accidental Sexiness

Kourtney Kardashian has her son – Celeb Smack

Kate Hudson, A-Rod split? – Celeb Dirty Laundry

Elizabeth Moss shows off at Did you Hear About The MorgansCelebrity Fashion Watcher

Hugh Jackman. Shirtless. At the Beach - Celebitchy

Alex O’Loughlin and what’s her name’s new movie - TEN

What happened to Sophie Monk? - The Skinny

Still no name for Baby Brady - I’m not obsessed

Dear Jude Law, someone’s in love – popbytes

Rihanna must have a clothing allergy – AmyGrindhouse


Iced coffee Honey Drops

ashlee simpson bronx

Ashlee Simpson takes Bronx for a chilled coffee

Countdown to Khloe Kardashian’s divorce has begun!- Celebitchy

The world needs more of Christina Hendricks (Joan from Mad Men)- The Skinny

Jamie Kennedy unture Love? – Bumpshack

Amanda Seyfried thought Megan Fox would judge her kissing -Backseat Cuddler

Lady Gaga Pre-Gaga – Accidental Sexiness

The Spelling McDermotts go wild in Malibu -I need my fix

Whose reputation is soiled more, Courtney Love or Hugo Chavez? - Dipped in cream

WHY did piece of dirt’s Roman Polanski’s arrest take so FREAKING LONG?? – Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Jon Hamm, that is all - Popbytes

F bomb goes off on SNL- Starcasm

Jessica Alba‘s new red? - AmyGrindhouse


Honey Drops!!!

ashlee simpson bronx wentz
Ashlee Simpson and baby Bronx go for a play date

Project Runway is BACK! - Allie Is Wired

Mischa Barton proves, crazy is the new black - Amy Winehouse

Lindsay Lohan Loves Liars? – Celebitchy

Adriana Lima steals the limelight from astronauts - Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Johnny Depp hearts Carol ChanningDaily Stab

Madonna from the crowd.  So freaking cool! – Dipped in Cream

Courtney Love = TOTALLY sober – Evil Beet

Kendra and Hank’s baby is already an athlete - Glam Baby Bumps

Bethenny Frankel gets her own show, w/o Housewife Kelly - I Need My Fix

Zooey Deschanel doesn’t need your ring - I’m Not Obsessed

Um is this really the sincerest form of flattery? - Popbytes

Bridget Jones is back… yay? - Starcasm

Cloris Leachman freaking rocks - SOMG

Alex O’Loughlin On The Set Of The Back-Up Plan – TEN Gossip


Kim Kardashian's sunny outlook Honey Drops!

Bauer Griffin

What my morning looks like - Starcasm

The “not-born-a-man-man” had another psych client to be -Teeny Manolo

I wish I was as cool as Gwen Stefani – Amy Grindhouse

If these two can’t make it, WHO CAN?! - I need my fix

Two words: FREE SWAG! - Daily Stab

Two more words: David Beckham - Popbytes

I think it’s great Britney’s new man has a REAL job - Bumpshack

The beast from the nightmares has a mugshot - Celebitchy

Frances Bean Cobain is totally bummed Courtney Love is her mom- Dipped in Cream

How to tell your soon to be ex wife to TOTALLY over you? - Glam Baby Bumps

Honey Drops!!!!

Katie Price looks lovely

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!!!! Here are what my online loves are writing today….

It’s trainwreck couples in love… how sweet! - Splash News

I LOVE Blind Items!!! - Amy Grindhouse

She’s just being Lindsay Lohan - Evil Beet

Kiefer Sutherland wants to bring Robin Williams on 24 – I Need my Fix

Jane Goody out of ICU ! - Celebrity VIP Lounge

Octomom gets her own Wiki! – Starcasm

Drew Barrymore shares the love, with Hugh Grant - Bricks and Stones

So does that mean Mickey Rourke isn’t dating Courtney Love? – Celebrity Smack

George Clooney is obsessed with Clive Owen, and so am I - Celebitchy

More of Lady Gaga’s LoveGame - Popbytes

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