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Halloween Makeup – Frankenstein’s Couture Bride *Video*

bride of frankenstein couture halloween

One of my favorite makeup blogs,, has come up with a whole series of Halloween makeup ideas. This little pinup is really diggin’ the Frankenstein’s Couture Bride look. So much more fun, and diverse, than just stitches on the face. You can use this as a vampire look as well if you like.

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Happy Halloween From Busy Bee Blogger

It’s one of my favorite days of the year!  Halloween!!!

Are any of my little bees and pinups dressing up and going out tonight?  How about the grown ups?  I’d love to see any pinup or bee costumes!

Please be safe, I want to have you back tomorrow in one piece ;-)


Image: Witchcraft by Olivia (available for purchase on

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Justin Timberlake plays with guns on set

Somebody went ahead and hired Justin Timberlake to do this “acting” thing, again.  Timberlake, who’s newest movie Yogi Bear (in which he voices BooBoo) premiered last week, was spotted on the set of NOW playing with guns.

It looks like the producers tried to butch him up a bit, shaving that curly hair of his.  But in this shot it looks like he’s going to bust into “When You’re A Jet” not kick this guy’s a$$.  I’m just saying, he has a dancer’s stance.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Ok, I’m over this mess.

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