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Sam The Cooking Guy At Catalina Offshore Products in San Diego Saturday!

sam the cooking guy catalina offshore products san diego

If you have lived in Southern California, or at least the San Diego area, for the past 10 years (give/take) you know Sam The Cooking Guy.  Now you get the chance to meet him and try some of his cooking at a local San Diego landmark!

TODAY, Saturday May 24th 2014, SAM will be appearing at Catalina Offshore Products. This is THE fish monger for the San Diego area. All of my chef/cook friends love Catalina Offshore and talk to it to the point of I wonder if they are sponsored. *ok I get it, their food is fantastic*

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Sam the Cooking Guy at Catalina Offshore Products
This Saturday Sam will be cooking and hanging out, at his favorite fish market, come by and try a bite.

Saturday May 24th
Fish Market, 5202 Lovelock St. San Diego, CA 92110

FREE ADMISSION No ticket or RSVP necessary

So if you want to meet up with Sam and checkout the one of the top tier wholesale fish markets in San Diego county, get yourself to Catalina Offshore Products.  He’s going to be cooking there, so it’s even more of a win!  woohoo

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Behind The Scenes With Sam The Cooking Guy

The Sam Livecast Logo

It’s an ordinary house in a nice neighborhood in San Diego.  But for the past 12 years, or so, one of the best real food shows has been coming out of its kitchen.  I was sitting outside of Sam The Cooking Guy’s home, thinking that it much much too early to go in and set up already.  I was 30 minutes early to the time we had arranged, so I just sat in the car and worked on my computer… looking like a stalker.  Ok, enough of that, let’s go in anyway, people are beginning to stare.   I had been asked to come and watch a taping of The Sam Livecast with Nick Novak, kicker for the San Diego Chargers.  Pretty much a dream come true.

Max Zien behind the control desk for The Sam Livecast sam the cooking guy

Max Zien behind the control desk for The Sam Livecast

Sam, came to the door with dogs in tow, and was just as nice as I had remembered him from years ago.  Sam is genuinely as nice of a guy, with sarcastic wit and humor, as you see on his cooking show “Sam The Cooking Guy” or “The Sam Livecast”.  You cannot fake that personality for this long without stories getting out of the real you.

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Sam the cooking guy in the kitchen Sam Livecast

Sam filming the Sam Livecast with his son Max

The set of the show is not a set.  It really is his kitchen, and he really interviews guest at his table or living room.  The dogs wander around looking for a little attention from people, after all it is their home, not a set.  Max, Sam’s son, is there setting up the lights and cameras around the kitchen and living area.  These are usually out just pushed against the wall when they are not filming.  It was Max’s idea to do the livecast after listening to podcasts while in college.  Why not do that with the cooking show?  Throw it online, then everyone can watch it, not just people that subscribe to certain cable companies.

Sam The Cooking Guy filming the Sam Livecast in the red kitchen

Chargers kicker Nick Novak, Sam the cooking guy and Lynn Chyi

There was one person that I was surprised to see.  I had temporarily forgotten that Lynn Chyi worked with Sam and Max.  Fans of Master Chef will remember Lynn Chyi from season 4.   He runs the board out of a den next to the kitchen, and met Max while they were both interning at a law firm.  Crazy!  The trio of Sam, Max and Lynn are professional, but still keep things light and fun during the entire filming.

Sam the cooking guy in the red kitchen Sam The Cooking Guy

Sam in the red kitchen

Before Novak arrived Sam was in the kitchen prepping for the two shows that will be filmed.  Do not let the fun of the shows fool you, these shows are planned out, there is a schedule they stick to, and there are sponsors to promote.  There is room for spontaneity, though.  Sam refrained from asking kicker Nick Novak certain questions until they were filming to keep things interesting.  You have to hold on tight to hang with Sam.  He knows what he is doing, well except when he can’t find a spoon or dish, and he will do his best to drag you along with him if you miss a beat.

Sam Zien prepping before filming The Sam Livecast

Sam Zien prepping before filming The Sam Livecast

Want to see Sam cook in person?  Attend one of his cooking classes! 

The cooking for the Sam Livecast is done in real time.  REAL. TIME.  He might prep things a little bit, especially if they take longer, like tater tots, but the cooking you see on the show is real, the food at the end is exactly what he makes, and it’s delicious.

Nick Novak, Sam The Cooking Guy, Max Zien making crab cakes for The Sam Livecast

Nick Novak, Sam The Cooking Guy, Max Zien making crab cakes for The Sam Livecast

The Sam Livecast is a spontaneous affair, with lots of humor and food that is not only delicious, but I can make it.  In fact I made the tater tot hot dish last night for dinner.  Sam, Max, Lynn, Sam’s wife Kelly the dogs film a show where they live their lives and that felling of being with a long time friend who is making dinner, or breakfast, or a great late night snack comes through the screen.

Sam The Cooking Guy on the monitor

Sam The Cooking Guy on the monitor

Thank you Sam for allowing me to be in the background and for interviewing ME on the show, to Max for inviting me to the show, Lynn for introducing me to the book Ration, Louie for keeping my lap warm and Kelly who seems to humor all this going on in the house throughout the day.   I had an amazing time, and cannot stop telling people about it, in a good way of course.

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St. Patrick’s Day Recipe: Quick Irish Beer Bread

Quick Irish Beer Bread Recipe St Patricks Day

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow!  With all of the Irish inspired recipes this Southern California pinup has been giving you, hopefully you are all set!  Even if it is just a green cocktail, Busy Bee Blogger has you covered.

Today, I have a super easy bread for you.  Add raisins if you like, be you do not need to.  You can serve this on its own or I suggest you pair it wit the Irish Hops Stew. Yuuuum.

Quick Irish Beer Bread

Serves 6-8

2 ½ cups self rising flour
1 ½ cups Rave Review!™ Original Culinary Hops™
2 tbsp. sugar

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Stir all ingredients by hand until mixed (do not beat). Pour into a greased loaf pan. Bake for 45 minutes.


**recipe courtesy of The Occasional Chef:

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Cocktail – Cynamon Toast

Cynamon Sobieski Vodka cocktail Cynamon Toast

With with OSCARS coming up this weekend, this Southern California pinup thought we could get a little fancy dancy with a cocktail. (National cinnamon day is also on March 3rd, so win-win).

Today’s cocktail is Cynamon Toast! Have breakfast for dessert with this vodka based cinnamon flavored cocktail.

Cynamon Toast

1 oz. Sobieski Cynamon Vodka
1 oz. Sobieski Vanilia Vodka
2 oz. half & half
Rim martini glass with cinnamon-sugar.
Shake with ice, strain into glass, and serve.

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Trying New Things – Ginger Hemp Dip

linwoods organic hemp, flaxseed, Q10

I am always looking for ways to integrate new healthier ingredients into my diet. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of organic and vegan food experimenting. There’s a lot of blending and mixing and especially smoothies in my house. After working of ways to up my protein in my new vegan food and smoothies I picked up some Linwoods Ground Flaxseed, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts & Q10, Linwoods Ground Organic Flaxseed, as well as their Shelled Organic Hemp Seeds. I was especially excited about the Q10 mix since that’s supposed to be good for my skin.

What I wasn’t expecting were all the ways I can use the Organic Hemp in my recipes. Seems this is the new wonder ingredient for vegan eating. It adds protein easily and blends well. You could always treat it like the Q10 mix and just throw a tablespoon into a smoothie or sprinkle it on top of anything (I add mine to chili, pasta, or in my oatmeal).

The most fun way I have found to use my Organic Hemp is in a Ginger Hemp Dip. It’s like hummus in its consistency and I am a fan of anything dip. Chop up some veggie sticks, or some tortilla chips and you’re set for game day or a light lunch.

Ginger Hemp Dip -

1 cup Linwoods Organic Shelled Hemp
2 cups of zuchinni, chopped
2 tbsp. soy sauce
1″ thick chunk of fresh ginger
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp. vinegar (apple cider or white wine are OK)
Red Pepper flakes to taste
Salt to taste
1/4 cup water

Throw all your ingredients into a blender or food processor (food processor is easier but if you don’t have one, don’t stress). The consistency should be like hummus. If you want it thinner you can always add more water. Makes a great dressing, too.


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