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This is going to be BIG!

Hey Y’all, this is about to hit the news circuit big time so I thought we would put up the video so you could know what people were talking about.

Two 20 somethings pulled a “Borat” on their local ACORN facility in Baltimore. The young woman pretending to be a prostitute who was wanting to open a brothel in the Baltimore area to raise money for her (fake) boyfriend with Congressional aspirations. The fake boyfriend went with her to the ACORN office to help her find a way to file taxes as a prostitute, how to get government funding for the housing they would use as their brothel, and how to not get busted for bringing underage illegal immigrant girls in to work as prostitutes as well! HOLY CRAP!

The women at ACORN were able to help them out. Assisted the young woman with filing her taxes, and found ways for her to write off the dozen or so minors what would be working for her in the brothel.

To see a transcript of the entire tape go here.

Could you be “The Good Wife”? VIDEO

It’s the same old story, we hear it every year.  Politician gets caught in some sort of naughty scandal, and his dutiful wife stands by his side at the gawd awful press conference.  Why is she even up there?

CBS has taken on this story line following what happens to the politician’s wife after the scandal breaks. The politician getting caught? Chris Noth (Sex and the City, Law & Order).

The Good Wife also stars Julianna Margulies, who plays a wife and mother who must assume full responsibility for her family and re-enter the workforce after her husband’s very public sex scandal and political corruption lands him in jail. For the first time in years, Alicia (Margulies) must trade in her identity as the “good wife” and take charge of her own destiny.

I cannot wait for this show to begin airing. I always wondered what happened to these women AFTER that terrible press conference. These are usually educated, smart able bodied women, who can make something of themselves. And, well, having Chris Noth playing the politician who finally gets his due, is just icing on the cake! (Watch Noth get busted in the video below!)

The Good Wife premieres Tuesday, September 22 on CBS.

Representative Slaughter on “Those People”

rep slaughter

I really don’t swing either way in politics, left or right, but when an elected REPRESENTATIVE refuses to meet with the people she represents, I find that a little…. titillating.

Representative Louise Slaughter said in an interview that she would not be having town meetings where members of 28th District of New York could see her face to face.

“I’m not doing town meetings; I’m not going to give those people a forum. I went through it with the Clinton health care bill, with the John Birch Society, where we had to have police around, and people hysterically crying…” (emphasis added by BBB)

Now, Rep. Slaughter’s website says she is SERVING THE PEOPLE of the 28th district of New York. Wouldn’t that mean she would have to know what is going on with the people from that area?

What do you think about representatives who don’t meet with the people of their represented areas? Or make it difficult to find out when there are town hall meetings? I know I had a hard time finding town halls everywhere I lived (California, Missouri, and Minnesota) since I began voting 13 years ago. But to just come out and say you’re not having any at all???

What do YOU think of a member of the House of Representatives refusing to have a Town Hall meeting with the people she is supposed to represent?