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Cocktail Thursday: Cognac Brandy Crusta

cognac makes great fall drink cocktails

Cognac Brandy Crusta Cocktail Recipe

As the weather changes to fall and winter, the taste for certain cocktails turns more to the darker flavors. Today we celebrate with a great fall drink recipe, a classic cognac cocktail – the Brandy Crusta.

The Brandy Crusta is a great cocktail for fall. It was invented in New Orleans as a precursor to its cousin with a better marketing plan, the sidecar. I got this cognac cocktail recipe from Saveur, and it is perfect for this weekend. It includes cognac, orange liquor, lemon and bitters.


2 oz. cognac like CAMUS
1 tsp. orange liqueur, such as Grand Marnier
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
1 tsp. simple syrup
2 dashes Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters or Angostura bitters
1 l″-wide strip lemon peel, to garnish

Shake cognac, liqueur, juice, syrup, and bitters in a cocktail shaker filled with ice until chilled, about 15 seconds. Strain into a chilled cordial glass; add lemon peel in cocktail to serve.

Most well stocked bars will have these ingredients on hand making this a new go to for you and your friends at your next movie night. You may have to make a stop at the produce section on the way home to pick up your lemon, though.

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Raise a Glass! It’s National Red Wine Day

Wine barrels and crushed wine grapes

October 15th is National Red Wine Day

Today, October 15th, is National Red Wine Day. As if many of you needed an actual day to celebrate red wine, right?

Looking for a new red wine to try for this National Red Wine Day? You could pair up your favorite wine to your pop culture obsession of the moment, or reach for a classic. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy.

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Celebrate International Vodka Day With One Of These Cocktail Recipes

warsaw mule cocktail sobieski vodka

Happy International Vodka Day! October 4 has the distinction of being what I thought most weekends were already, but who am I to judge? To help celebrate this distinction I am listing some of my most favorite vodka cocktails for you all to enjoy.

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Cocktail Recipe: October Sunrise Hard Cider Cocktail

october sunrise cocktail recipe using hard cider and tequila served in mason jar

Cocktail Recipe For Fall

Thank goodness it is Thursday.  The first week of October deserves its own cocktail: October Sunrise Hard Cider Cocktail. This week’s thirsty Thursday recipe is a full on celebration of fall, filled with apple and peach flavors.  Hard apple cider is coming back into vogue and this makes me more than happy.  This used to be my go to delight when I was in graduate school, and it is about time other people experienced the tastiness of a nice hard cider.

The October Sunrise combines hard cider with tequila, unusual yes but the mix is surprisingly delicious.  Add in the peach and mint and you  have an autumn staple for years to come. This cocktail for fall will be sure to impress you and your guests this season.

Get the October Sunrise Cocktail Recipe after the jump!



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Happy International Coffee Day! Recipe Roundup

Happy International Coffee Day. September 29th should be circled in red on my calendar, that is for certain. And to help celebrate this wonderful coffee day, I have a list of coffee recipes, including a few cocktails. Enjoy!

pumpkin spice latte made with real pumpkin and unrefined sugar in a glass with whipped cream

DIY- REAL Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe This PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE is the king of coffee right now, and with all of the uproar about store bought PSL, you can drink this one with no guilt! You can do it yourself at home with real ingredients including real pumpkin! Yum

Jaw-Va Espresso Cocktail - originally concocted for Shark week, but this is good any time of year.

Vanilla Nut Martini At only 130 calories per cocktail, you can enjoy this one with every sip.

Whipped Vanilla Nut Latte vodka cocktail
Whipped Vanilla Nut Latte This is especially good on those warmer autumn days. Almost like a coffee milkshake, but for adults only!

Irish Iced Coffee Martini Recipe Like the original but as a fancy cocktail martini!

CAMUCCINO ™ This was part of my brunch cocktail series and it fits in at any cocktail party, and looks especially great with the froth and beans as garnish.

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