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Thirsty Thursday: Three 4th Of July Cocktail Recipes

rockets red glare 4th of july cocktail tequila

These three Fourth of July inspired cocktails are sure to send rockets flying at your barbecue. This Southern California girl will be enjoying one of these for sure, but with plenty of water in between. With your choice of vodka, tequila and absinthe there should be a cocktail recipe for you and yours to enjoy responsibly.

Rockets’ Red Glare
Tequila for the 4th of July? Why not? You can choose to blend it like the recipe suggests or just serve over ice in a tall glass. No blender necessary

1 ½ oz. Trianon Blanco Tequila
1 ½ oz. cranberry juice
½ oz. orange liqueur
1 oz. lime juice
blue sugar and watermelon star for garnish
Add all ingredients into a blender with ice. Blend and pour into a blue sugar rimmed glass. Garnish with
watermelon star and serve.


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Cocktail Recipe Thursday – Cherry Lime Mojito For Team USA #worldcup

Cherry Lime Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Team USA plays Germany this morning in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil!! Noon might be a little early to start with the cocktails (or 9AM if you are here on the West coast with me) even for those of us in San Diego area. But once you get home why not mix up a few of these cherry lime mojitos for you and your friends as you watch the delayed airing of the World Cup? Or maybe go home to celebrate a USA victory over Germany? Who knows, anything can happen, including getting bitten by your opponent and the official not doing jack squat about it. Oh sorry, did I say that? heehee

This very festive mojito recipe can also be a great refresher during the 4th of July festivities. Make it without the rum and it is just as delicious.



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Cocktail Recipe Thursday: Martinis

gin martini cocktail recipe Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid – This uniquely garnished martini is perfect for the warm weather.

There are few cocktails that embody classic like the martini. This Southern California pinup prefers gin with a twist, but whether you like them vodka, shaken or stirred, sweet or dirty, classic or creative (cognac martini anyone?), there is one for you on Martini Day.

We have FIVE new inspired martinis below. One is sure to hit the spot.


Radiant Orchid – This uniquely garnished martini is perfect for the warm weather.
2 oz. Ungava Gin
½ oz. lemon juice
½ oz. maraschino liqueur
¼ oz. crème de violette
Edible orchid for garnish

Combine all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with an
edible orchid and serve.

cognac CAMUS martini cockatil recipe CAMUS-politan
CAMUS-Politan – A unique French twist on the classic Cosmo.
1 ½ oz. CAMUS VS Elegance Cognac
¾ oz. orange liqueur
¾ oz. cranberry juice
¼ oz. lime juice
Lime twist for garnish

Combine all ingredients with ice and shake. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime twist.


Still more martini cocktail recipes after the jump!



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Cocktail Recipe Thursday: Grilling Partner With Vodka & Absinthe

grilling partner cocktail recipe

Cocktail recipe Thursday has to be this Southern California pinup’s favorite day of the week. Together, we have the anticipation of the weekend before us, but we are not in the middle of it knowing it is about to end. And I get to share some of my favorite cocktail recipes with you to try over the weekend! There is nothing bad about any of that.

This weekend, we get to celebrate dads for Father’s Day. So let us raise our glasses to dad with this simple, yet delicious cocktail, the “Grilling Partner”. Mixing absinthe and vodka might sound a little crazy, but trust me on this one, it is good and dad will be surprised.

For the recipe click below
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Cocktail Recipe Thursday – Ungava Negroni

Negroni Cocktail Recipe wit Ungava Gin
The Negroni cocktail, one of the most unexpected combinations of flavors all mixed into one recipe. I know people that don’t like gin, or Campari, but for some reason will sit down and order a Negroni and enjoy every sip. The flavor is smooth, and refreshing, perfect for warmer weather.

The Ungava Negroni is your classic cocktail for a classic summer.


Ungava Negroni
1 ½ oz. Ungava Gin
1 ½ oz. Campari
1 oz. sweet vermouth
Orange twist for garnish

Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist and serve.

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