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Grab Your Dipping Forks, Today Is National Cheese Fondue Day!

emmi fondue plate setting

Oh goodness today is my lucky day!  A day that celebrates CHEESE FONDUE!  April 11th is National Cheese Fondue Day, a time to fire up the fondue pots for food, fun and good conversation.  You all should know this southern California pinup’s absolute love (obsession) with cheese.  Add  in a fun dinner where you get to share the experience of eating together and I am completely sold.

I remember eating fondue when I was little, and I have my own fondue pot now that I break out for fun dinners with friends, or a romantic dinner with someone special.   A chance to enjoy the wonderful-ness of cheese, and having to get in and really share your dining experience with people is my idea of a great meal.

To celebrate, Emmi Roth USA, the US division of the premier Swiss dairy company, is sharing the must-know fon-DO’s of fondue – everything from tips for when you dip to the new ways to do fondue.


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Romantic Valentine’s Day Fondue & Cocktails

pinup elvgren red heart chair stockings

There is no better reason to snuggle up and enjoy one of my favorite types of dinners, fondue, than St. Valentine’s Day. It’s usually chilly out at the time, and why not use that as an added excuse to dip goodies into warm chocolate or cheese and share it with your snuggle bunny.

This Valentine’s Day let’s put a twist on traditional fondue. I have a cheese and a chocolate recipe for you, along with three cocktails, one of which should be able to please the palate of most anyone. I have a fruity, a carmel and even a Lucid Absinthe based cocktail.

Do I have your attention now?

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“Peanut Butter Comfort” Has Recipes For Everything I Love To Eat

Peanut butter Comfort Cover

I have officially fallen in love… with a cook book.  Peanut Butter Comfort: Recipes for Breakfasts, Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, Candies, and Frozen Treats Featuring America’s Favorite Spreadt  by Averie Sunshine gives you over 100 recipes for my favorite food. *Averie is also a local San Diego writer. Woohoo*

I have had a love affair with peanut butter for the majority of my adult life. In college, I would buy a jar of peanut butter add some honey and eat that for dinner, and lunch, and midnight snack.

Peanut butter Comfort chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal skillet cookie

How about a GIANT Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Skillet Cookie? 

Peanut Butter Comfort is FULL of recipes for breakfast, cookies, desserts, frozen treats, but also has an entire section on savory dishes.  I am really enjoying the Mini Green Apple Peanut Butter and Grilled Brie Cheese Sandwiches, and the spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce.  Ooooh Yum!

Peanut butter Comfort mini green apple peanut butter and grilled brie cheese sandwiches

This book is shot in a fun and useful way.  Nothing is perfect perfect.  It’s life perfect.   My marshmallows melt and so do Averies’ in her peanut butter S’mores bars.  It’s helpful for me to know that my desserts look at least a little like the ones in Peanut Butter Comfort.  That is before I eat the entire batch before everyone comes over.  :-)

Peanut butter Comfort smores bars

Peanut Butter Comfort: Recipes for Breakfasts, Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, Candies, and Frozen Treats Featuring America’s Favorite Spread is available on Amazon for under $20. This is a must get for anyone who loves peanut butter as much as I do. Ok, you don’t have love PB as much as I do, I’m kind of obsessed ;-)

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