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The Men Go High Heels on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Monday, November 12th @9/8c – The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills

Talk about two husbands willing to go the extra mile! Kyle’s husband Mauricio and Adrienne’s husband Paul run a race in high heels to help support Taylor with her charity event. After the race, the crew heads to Kyle’s house to celebrate her daughters fourth birthday, but don’t think the children keep the drama away…



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The Jersey Shore Idea

My friend’s sister last night (whose own site is coming soon) had a genius idea. She suggested that the members of “The Jersey Shore” do a HUGE fund raiser for The REAL Jersey Shore in the aftermath of Sandy. Maybe in Las Vegas? Pauly D. could spin, and Snooki could MC and Mike “The Situation” could.. uh… take photos with people on the dance floor. DO IT!

Considering the havoc these people have caused on the shore, and all of the money they made from stumbling around as drunken fools in the sand, I think it would be the right thing to do.

Let’s get it going!

Who else should do Jersey themed fundraisers?

I might have to do a fundraiser here in SoCal, and now it may be Jersey Shore Themed! I’ll keep you updated.

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Would you Give Up Gifts On Your Birthday?

Birthdays! Time for cake, ice cream, friends, and of course PRESENTS!!! But what if you did something different this year. Instead of gifts for yourself, you asked friends to donate to a favorite cause!

Law and Order: SVU star (and chef Bobby Flay‘s wife) Stephanie March is doing just that. On July 23rd, she will be turning 36, but instead of goodies for herself, she is asking for everyone to make a donation on the website “Give Up Your Birthday” to her favorite charity, The World of Children.

Stephanie wrote a piece for the Huffington Post talking about her decision to give on her birthday, and asking others to join in.

In youth-centric Hollywood, birthdays are sometimes met with mixed emotions. But I’ve found the best way that anyone can embrace any birthday is to remember how fortunate they are to be growing another year older and use it as an opportunity to give back.

That’s why this year I’m Giving Up My Birthday – happily and readily – for children in need by supporting the nonprofit World of Children Awards in their tireless efforts to improve the lives of children worldwide.

If YOU would like to help Stephanie on her goal of raising $25,000 for Wolrd of Children Awards, or want to set up a page for your OWN birthday go to Give Up Your Birthday.

You can always have the cake to celebrate, too. ;-)