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Introducing Honor Warren

Jessica Alba Honor Warren cover of OK

Here is the 1.5 Million Dollar baby. Honor Warren graces the cover of OK! magazine this weekend. And mommy Jessica Alba is there too! I must say, this picture of Jessica is gorgeous. She looks beautiful, and happy.

In the magazine spread, Jessica talks about the birth of daughter Honor, and her plan to lose weight. We all know she didn’t feel sexy getting as large as she did while pregnant, so it’s no surprise she’s losing it already.

“I started working out last Thursday, but for 20 minutes. I do cardio on my own. I’m doing it slow,” she says. “Now I’m starting to eat more healthy. Because after working out, having fried chicken and mashed potatoes is a little counteractive.”

As for who the baby looks like…

“She looks like a girl version of me,” Cash [Warren] says. “She has my nose, my eyebrows and my…”

“Forehead and dimples,” Jessica finishes, adding, “She has my mouth when I was a baby. And my ears.”

“Maybe Honor is a mixture,” Cash reconsiders. “I want her to look like me, because a daughter looking like Jessica, I’d kill myself!”

That’s almost sweet. He was close to giving his new wife a compliment….

Jessica Alba's Unsexy Pregnancy

jessica alba shopping, huge chest, smile

Some women may feel a special glow during pregnancy, but that just wasn’t the case for Jessica Alba. She recently opened up to Cosmopolitan magazine (via people) about not feeling sexy, her marriage, and waiting for the one

“I never felt less sexy,” Jessica Alba says of her own pregnancy. “I mean, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world … but I wanted to get rid of all the weight.”

Poor thing…. I guess when you’re a teeny tiny sexy actress, any weight on your body is a lot.

She also talked about finding someone to love, get married, and having her baby.

“I never thought I’d find a man before 30, let alone marry him and have his baby,” she told the magazine. “I always used to meet the wrong guys – the ones who wanted to hang out for a week and see how far they could get. If you didn’t have sex in the first few days, you were either frigid or a lesbian. So I held out – and, boy, am I glad I did!”

“Nothing was planned – the pregnancy or the wedding,” she admitted. “But he took it in his stride and convinced me we’d conquer all!”

Yeah you sure did luck out with that one Jess…. I mean, um… yeah… good for you for getting exactly what you wanted…

So does this make me frigid or a lesbian? I’d like to know what to put on my business cards.


Jessica Alba goes to Bloomies

jessica alba shopping, huge chest, smile

She is looking, HAPPY! And in most of these pics, she’s smiling!!! Being a new mommy must agree with Jessica Alba. Cash Warren, on the other hand, isn’t looking too excited to be shopping at Bloomingdales this week. Get over it Cash. You hit the jackpot!

Jessica even stopped to say HI to a very happy fan (?) while leaving the store. What a change!!!

Where’s baby Honor? At home with nanny? What magazine will we be seeing her on the cover of, and how much will they get????

And might I say, Jessica Alba’s chest is HUGE!!! holy cow! I don’t know how she’s wearing that tiny strap dress…


Momma's gotta eat!

jessica alba first pictures since the baby

Momma’s gotta eat! New Mommy, Jessica Alba, took her new mommy boobs to the grocery store. (So we get the first look since baby Honor got here!) Gotta help keep mommy and baby healthy somehow. Let’s hope she got some good food, not the hot pockets and cheese like I got yesterday. But then, I’m not a mom, so I can eat whatever I want :-D

BTW, where’s baby daddy Cash? At home watching Honor?