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The Tourist Premier In NYC Was Full Of Random

Last night was the New York premier of that (alleged) snoozefest “The Tourist” starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. And in order to make the red carpet interesting at any cost it seems that the producers decided to fill it with random. Angie Everhart, Ashanti, Betsey Johnson, Gabourey Sidibe and socialite Tinsley Mortimer all strutted down and gave their best pose. Really? Betsey Johnson?

I guess it helped that AJ’s dress tried to kill her, wrapping around her feet as she stood for photos. Not that I want anything to happen to her, but at least it was entertaining.

Johnny Depp In his Pajamas for The Tourist -BusyBeeBlogger

Angelina Looks Girlie in Paris For The Tourist -BusyBeeBlogger

Also starring in the movie, and on hand to round out the random were Paul Bettany, Jennifer Connelly (is she pregant?) and Rufus Sewell with Amy Gardner.

If you can’t quite place Rufus, he was in a few of my favorite movies Dark City, (with Jennifer Connelly!) and Dangerous Beauty. I am more excited to see him back on the red carpet than anyone else that was there!


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Brad and Angelina at Salt premier in LA

So, Salt premiered last night in Los Angeles.  You know, that action movie, where Angelina Jolie smolders her way through dangerous stunts?  No, not that one, the newest version…

Anyway, it seemed that Brad Pitt took the premier of his babymomma’s movie to premier  his beard free face, officially.  He was really feeling the Studio 54 last night, open shirt, gold pendant, and AJ was bringing the discoball right along side.

Oh and if you are headed to ComiCon like I am, it’s rumored that both Brad and AngieJo will be there on Thursday.  Just a rumor, but you never know.  (and no matter how much smack I talk about anyone, if I meet them in person, I would be a total fan, hee.)

Images via Fame

Russell Brand And Katy Perry Get Him To the Greek Premier

Last night (May 25) was the Los Angeles premier of “Get Him To The Greek”, the new movie starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.

Russell brought along his fiancee, singer Katy Perry, as his date for the evening. These two are just hot together. Oh, and Katy calls them the new Brangelina. Yup.

“I do feel like the new Brangelina with his movie coming out on Tuesday, Get Him to the Greek. We’re going to the premiere tomorrow and everything is happening at the same time. Which is somewhat of a blessing because if one of us wasn’t working, we’d get annoyed with each other.” [eonline]

Um, sure, whatever. Unless Brand was married when they met, I am going to have to disagree about that one. More pics of the new Brangelina at the premier below!

Images via Fame