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Amy Winehouse Chills In Brazil

These photos of Amy Winehouse in Rio De Janeiro may be a little grainy, but it’s like hunting bigfoot.  She’s always moving around so when you see Amy you do your best to get a pic. It looks like she’s having a hard time keeping those new accessories of hers under control.

Amy is in Brazil to restart her music career. No, really! She’ll be playing HSBC arena in Rio this month and a second show was just added due to demand!!!

Come on girl, let’s get it going! We’ve all been waiting a LONG time for this!

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Amy Winehouse Is Headed to Dubai Lord Help Us

Let’s hit the beaches! What? -BusyBeeBlogger

Ah nothing screams Dubai like motor cycles and … Amy Winehouse????

That’s right y’all, Amy is set to play at the”Gulf Bike Week in February! Come on, let’s fill up the 747 and head on over there.

We’re pleased to report that Amy will be performing a concert at the Gulf Bike Week on Friday, February 11th 2011. The Expo is an international festival of bikes, off-road vehicles, clothing and lifestyle, which takes place in Dubai. We’ll post more info – including ticket details – very soon.

Ug, this has mess written all over it. Amy, in the middle east? I just hope she doesn’t spit at the crowd this time.

Lord help her!

Images via Fame Pictures

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Amy Winehouse Leaks New Single "It's My Party" VIDEO and more…

Oh that’s right, there was a reason that Amy Winehouse was in the papers besides her tragic mess of a private life.  She’s a singer! Well, she WAS a singer. But at least she’s leaked a new single. AW covers the 1965 Lesley Gore hit “It’s My Party”.

Giiiirl, it’s almost good, and I’m sure after listening to it over and over and over again, I will love it. But she’s a sloppy mess. And for some reason, she sounds a lot more nasal than she used to be on Back To Black or even Frank. I’m hoping this is a rough cut. Ok, I take it all back, I like it and cannot wait for an entire album. COME ON AMY!!!!!

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Amy Winehouse loves her puppies, and doggies too!

Amy Winehouse enjoys a beer while playing with a panting puppy who licks his lips, outside a pub in central London.

It is nice to see her excited about something that doesn’t come with a government warning label on the front of it.

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Amy Winehouse Is Still A Mess

She may have new clean cut boyfriend, but Amy Winehouse is still a mess.  The soulful singer was spotted looking a little worse for wear last night leaving Jazz After Dark on June 2, 2010 in London, England.

Oh Amy, put the “girls” away and eat something.

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