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Part II — Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad Creator) Answers Fan Questions

Heisenberg spray painted on the wall of walter white house Breaking Bad

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of an AMC interview with Breaking Bad creator and executive producer, Vince Gilligan. Today I have the second half of him answering fan’s questions about the show now that it is over.

Today he answers questions about music he thinks of while writing, and why he casts comedic actors in some of the fan favorite roles.

Q: Why was it important for you to hire comedy actors and stand-up comedians such as Bill Burr or Lavell Crawford? – Random French Guy

A: It wasn’t like we went looking to hire comedians, it’s just that I’ve got a theory that if you can do comedy — first of all you have to be able to act, and there are plenty of stand-up comedians who are not actors — but if you are an actor at heart and you are also a comedian, you can also do drama. People like Bob Odenkirk and Bill and Lavell who happen to be very funny also happen to be very good for the roles that we hired them for. Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas, our casting people, brought us actors I’d never heard of before. I have to confess I was not familiar with Bill Burr or his stand-up until Sharon and Sherry brought him to my attention. He was one of those actors brought to my attention before we even had a part for him. And that’s how good Sharon and Sherry were. 

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Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad Creator) Answers Fan Questions – Part I

walter white breaking bad remember my name


Even after a few weeks, it seems all anyone I know can talk about is the Breaking Bad finale.  To help ease your souls I bring you an interview with Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad. He even answers the question of why Walter White’s product is BLUE.


Q: What was the first character you created apart from Walt? Also, how much of the series is improvised by the actors? – Trionout

A: Every now and then Bryan Cranston might come up with a different line or two, but on the whole the actors stuck pretty closely to the script. I would say it’s not much in the way of improvisation, but the writers and I didn’t worry too much if an actor transposed the word “the” with the word “a,” or other stuff like that. And as far as the second character created, I can’t say for sure because I’m not sure I remember 100 percent. I probably started with Walter White and fanned outward from him. I probably thought about who would a guy like that would be married to, so most likely Skyler was the second character I created.

Q: I’m very interested to hear what other possible endings you came up with on the journey, and at what point you realized that the ending you had was the right one. –Horton Jupiter

A: It took the longest time to come up with that ending, probably the better part of a year. I had a lot of worries along the way that we weren’t going to come up with a proper ending. We had this image for the longest time that was more or less the ending that you saw — except that instead of going to the meth lab, Walt went on and stumbled down the street and collapsed and he died on his own in a hospital hallway without anybody realizing who he was. Or we had a version where Walt actually survived and maybe Skyler or Junior and the whole family were wiped out. Stuff like that we considered but probably didn’t think about for too long because our guts told us that was just too dark and too depressing. We wanted the right balance of Walt paying for his sins and yet we wanted some sort of a note of triumph at the end of it all. He got a whole lot of money to his family; trouble is he’s destroyed his family in the meantime. Even the pick of the final song of the series reflects that – the Badfinger song has got a tinge of sadness to it and yet the chord structure is almost kind of triumphant.

Q: Since you never took chemistry, I understand, I’m wondering how you knew the subject contained such a wealth of magic plot devices and what the research process was like. – Elizabeth

A: I never took chemistry and I feel that’s a shame. I actually wish I had. I was a bit intimidated by math in high school. I signed up for calculus and after about the first day or two I felt that it was so overwhelming that I changed to a typing course and learned how to type, which actually was pretty helpful given my chosen career. But I wish I had not allowed myself to be intimidated out of taking science and math courses. Having said all of that, even though I don’t have a proper school understanding of chemistry, I read a lot of Popular Science magazine, and I have a lot of a layman’s love for science and chemistry and physics. I knew enough from watching Mr. Wizardand Bill Nye the Science Guy that chemistry was obviously a very fascinating subject. But of course, the science on Breaking Bad sounds so real because of the expert help we received, starting with Dr. Donna Nelson at the University of Oklahoma. She was our technical advisor on the show – we would come up with some of these ideas and then run them by her and see if they made sense.

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Breaking Bad Series Finale TONIGHT on AMC *Video Sneak Peek*

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in Episode 16 season finale

After 5 years, it’s time to say goodbye to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Tonight is the series finale of Breaking Bad on AMC.

I really have no idea what is going to happen. Every scenario that I started this second half of season 5 with, has gone by the way side.

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Will Walter survive the night? Will Jesse ever break free (I don’t think so, but I’ve been wrong up to this point about him). What about Skyler and the rest of the family? I guess I will just have to watch like everyone else.

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