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David Arquette Is In Rehab

Drinking and Depression Lead David Arquette To Enter Rehab -BusyBee

Act surprised, y’all.  It seems that little lost puppy David Arquette has landed himself in rehab. After the separation from his wife Courteney Cox was made public, David has been making a complete and total a$$ out of himself, and his family. So it comes as no shock that someone threw him into rehab.

While the statement from his official paid liar is that he’s in rehab for alcohol and “other issues” a snitch was more specific.

“He is in there for drinking and depression, not hard drugs. Rehab was inevitable,” says the source. “He is dealing with a broken heart. He can’t handle all the changes in his life. All his inner demons came out.”

David Arquette Parties Poolside in Miami -BusyBee

David Arquette Shares Extramarital Sex-capades On Howard Stern -BusyBee

It sounds like David’s been dealing with his “inner demons” for a long while, not just since Courteney hit the road with their daughter. And if he really entered on his own accord, fine, get help, get sober, get on with your life. But I have a feeling it wasn’t so voluntary and his issues may have been part of the reason for their breakup.

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Tony Bennet Has Some words for Lindsay Lohan

Trust me, I know -BusyBeeBlogger

Why the heck are people asking Tony Bennet about Lindsay freaking Lohan?!?! Page Six said that they asked the music ICON about Lindsay Lohan and her troubles with drugs and alcohol.

The crooning legend told us at his and wife Susan Benedetto’s Exploring the Arts gala: “Everybody has a gift, and these young stars should learn how to celebrate life, feel good about living, and do what they love. It will turn them around, and they won’t end up doing something that will kill them.”

Now, Bennett isn’t just saying things to say them. He had his own history with drugs, so he knows what he’s talking about.

Bennett, 85, who dabbled with cocaine as a young man, also said, “Woody Allen’s manager, Jack Rollins, used to handle Lenny Bruce, who was a brilliant comedian, but was hooked on heroin. He said something that changed my life. He said: ‘He sinned against his talent.’ It affected me so much that I just got rid of everything.”

Good for Tony! It’s too bad that all too often people don’t learn through advice. Especially young people with way too much money and no supervision.

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Don't Dwell In Drew Barrymore's Past

Don’t dwell on Drew Barrymore’s party girl past.

The former party girl child actress turned good girl and producer is promoting her new movie with former boyfriend Justin Long. But here’s a word of advice, DON’T DWELL ON HER PAST.

It seems that during a long line of interviews For GOING THE DISTANCE one reporter just wouldn’t drop the subject of Drew’s former wild child ways. And Barrymore just couldn’t take it anymore.

She told the next reporter that she knows she made a lot of mistakes as a young actress, including her rehab stint as a teenager, but that she was proud of how she learned from it. But that she

“wanted to rip this woman’s face off. She just would not shut up about it.” [HilaryShepherd]

Well, now I know, don’t prod Drew about the past… I wouldn’t want her to rip my face off!

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George Michael Charged With Drugs, Goes On Glee?

Singer George Michael has been officially charged with drug possession stemming from his July car crash near London. George crashed into a building and was arrested on suspicion on being “unfit to drive”.

British singer George Michael was charged on Thursday with possessing cannabis and driving under the influence of drink or drugs following a car crash early last month, London police said. [abcnews]

In other GM news, word has it that Glee will be doing a show dedicated to the Faith singer.

A source said: “It’s been made to coincide with the re-issue of his Faith album. He hopes he’ll flog a few more copies off the back of it.” [Mirror]

Pimp those record sales George!

Can we say that Glee has jumped the shark? I mean, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and now George Michael? I guess if the story can’t drive the show, you have to have some sort of a gimmick.

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VIDEO: More on Lohan's Courtroom Drama

Lindsay Lohan before her sentencing today

It just wasn’t Lindsay Lohan’s day. As we reported earlier, Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in prison followed by a 90 day stint in rehab.

Judge Marsha Revel sentenced LiLo after an incredulous prosecutor, Danette Meyers, told the judge that Lohan has been thumbing her nose at the court.
The evidence was loud and clear today — Lindsay violated probation by failing to attend her alcohol ed classes based on the schedule set by the judge. There were lots of excuses, but ultimately they didn’t fly.
The judge said there was a pattern of violations since Lindsay was placed on probation in 2007 following her plea bargain in her DUI case.

Lindsay broke down as she addressed the court, telling the judge, “I did the best I could.”
Lindsay dissolved into tears when the judge imposed the sentence.

Lohan must surrender on July 20 in Judge Revel’s court.

UPDATE: Sheriff’s spokesperson Steve Whitmore just explained … generally, a female inmate in Lindsay’s situation only serves 25% of their sentence … which means LiLo will most likely spend around 23 days behind bars. [TMZ]

Now, before you start saying that the 25% thing is celebrity justice, know that this is just par for the course in SoCal. I have seen this first hand, and it’s a joke. So I’m betting that Lohan won’t serve 20 days. Maybe a week. If that.

Video of Lindsay breaking down in tears below. Because I know you’re a mean mean person.

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