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Liberty Is Beautiful. Liberty Ross Poses Nude, Files For Divorce From Cheating Husband. Kristen Stewart can have him

Liberty Ross Love Magazine

You may not know her name, but if you’ve followed fashion you know the face/body of Liberty Ross. She was also the mother in Snow White and the Huntsman last year. Oh, and she’s the wife of Rupert Sanders, the director of SWATH who was getting down and dirty with Kristen Stewart.

Well girlfriend FINALLY filed for divorce from her adulterous director husband last Friday. But not before showing the world what she’s got in the pages of LOVE Magazine. Um, HELLO! You can see the NSFW images over here. I can’t show them here on my site. Sorry.

She looks absolutely incredible. I know she started off looking really good before kids and all, but wow!

I don’t think this woman will be want for male (and female) attention now that she’s filed for divorce from K-Stews leftovers. Blech, can you imagine?

Oh, and I hear that Kristen and Rob have split (again) so now Sanders and she can hook up in public. Oh wait, they already did that… on camera… oh I just threw up a little.

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John Edwards To Marry Mistress

Now that politician John Edward’s estranged wife, Elizabeth, has passed away, did he propose to his mistress?!?

The National Enquirer (I know I know) is saying that Edwards is going to make an honest (cough) woman out of Rielle Hunter. (Now normally anything in the NE is suspect, but they DID break this story wide open, and had most of their ducks in a row on it. So let’s give it a try shall we?)

The tabloid, quoting an “insider,” says Edwards popped the question after Christmas, “although they haven’t set a wedding date yet.” The two first hooked up in 2006…

“In an outrageous disregard for his wife Elizabeth’s deathbed wish, John has proposed to his mistress just three weeks after burying his heartbroken spouse,” the Enquirer trumpeted.[Politics Daily]


If you don’t remember, Rielle and John hooked up while his wife, Elizabeth was in remission with breast cancer. Oh, and then they had a BABY and tried to say it wasn’t John’s child but rather his married assistant’s!!!

John’s wife Elizabeth died from her breast cancer December 7, 2010.

I guess I’m not surprised to hear that these two are engaged.  But the part of the story that really gets me is that over the Christmas break John allegedly introduced his children (that he had with Elizabeth) to Rielle  and Rielle told them to call her MOM!!   That would be a NO!

These two deserve each other.  ICK!  I’m so glad Elizabeth left him out of her will!

Image via Babble

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Elizabeth Edwards Dies From Cancer

Goodbye Elizabeth -BusyBeeBlogger

Elizabeth Edwards, the estranged wife of politico John Edwards, has died today from a resurgence of her cancer. It was just announced yesterday that her breast cancer had metastasized onto her liver, and that there was nothing more her doctors could do for her.

Elizabeth was at home in North Carolina surrounded by her family. They released this statement

“Today we have lost the comfort of Elizabeth’s presence but she remains the heart of this family,” the Edwards family says in a statement. “We love her and will never know anyone more inspiring or full of life.”

“On behalf of Elizabeth we want to express our gratitude to the thousands of kindred spirits who moved and inspired her along the way,” the statement adds. “Your support and prayers touched our entire family.” [People]

Cancer sucks. I was actually working on the obituary of my grandpa who just died due to complications from lung cancer when this news broke out.

My heart breaks for Elizabeth’s family and I feel their loss in every fiber of my being.

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