Resolve To Overcome Your Sexual Shyness - Astroglide Giveaway
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Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 |

Resolve To Overcome Your Sexual Shyness – Astroglide Giveaway

Astroglide Dr. Yvonne


It’s time for us to have a little chat my adorable little bees.  I know you are lovely and sexy and confident so this would never refer to you in any way.  But we all have that “friend” who has some self confidence issues in life and in the bedroom.  Don’t worry, I know you’re reading this to help your “friend”.  ;-)

Dr. Yvonne has teamed up with my friends at Astroglide to help you, along in your path to overcome sexual shyness.  Click to find out some of her tips after the job, and how you can get Astroglide for free.  Your friend will thank you.

  • Ask Dr.Yvonne: Participants should invite their readers to submit questions to Dr. Yvonne via the form onAstroglide’s site:
  • Special Giveaway: Be sure to tell your readers that Astroglide is giving away free samples and include a link to the special landing page:
  • Full disclosure that this is a sponsored post for Astroglide

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Tip 1: Analyze what’s holding you back so that you have a good sense – vs. a general sense – of the barriers you need to overcome in claiming your sexual self and sex life.

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Tip 2: Read quality sex manuals. Knowledge is power, w/ a number of lovers insecure about their sexual expression b/c of ignorance. So educate yourself on techniques, erogenous zones, modes of seduction… in boosting your confidence and expanding your repertoire of ideas.

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Tip 3: Get to know yourself. It’s hard to express yourself or let a lover know your likes and what you want unless you take the time for self-exploration first. So take the time to masturbate. Experiment with different sexual enhancements. Read erotica for inspiration re: scenarios. Flirt with different ways to get turned on, to seduce, and begin the process of foreplay. You will feel more self-assured in providing instruction, even if it’s non-verbal.

 elvgren pin up exercise

Tip 5: Boost your body image. For some, the biggest challenge to getting in a sexy state of mind and letting that be known is how a woman feels about her body. This also goes for those who seemingly have the “best” bodies. You can start feeling better about your form with regular exercise (as this has mental health perks as well), eating healthy meals, avoiding toxins, and shutting down negative self-talk. Do things that make you feel good about the skin you’re in, like yoga, getting a massage, or wearing clothes that feel like they were made for you.

Do you have a question for Dr. Yvonne?  You can send your “friend” over to the Astroglide site and send her your own sex and intamacy questions.

And since Astroglide loves me, and you my readers so much, we are working together to give YOU free samples of their products. Just head on over to my special page and they’ll get them sent out to you as soon as they can!

See, I take care of you.

Material and/or financial incentives may be received as a result of my involvement with the above program. But all editorial content and opinions are those of BusyBeeBlogger.

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